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#12 “The Greatest Day of My Life” – Voices of the Fans That Gathered from all Around the World to see Morning Musume。’14 Live in New York(1/3)

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A lot of people from all over the world read my previous article on Morning Musume。’14’s New York concert and interview with the members, and it reminded me just how globally popular Morning Musume。are.

[Pop Culture Chronicles] #11 Interview with Morning Musume。'14 After Their Concert Success in New York – How New York Changed Us and Our Plans From Here on
Fans lining up early morning at the concert venue.
There was one more thing I wanted to do in New York this time around, though, and that was to speak with the overseas fans before the concert. In the activities I do with cultural diplomacy, I often play video letters from Morning Musume。at the talks I give. These situations included, I’ve spoken with Morning Musume。fans from every corner of the world at various events and locations. I feel like I know better than anyone just how much they love Morning Musume。and this was going to be their first full-length concert overseas since Paris in 2010. Of course my expectations were high, but I live in Japan, and unlike me, these people had been waiting for this day for probably what seemed like forever. For them, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I received a lot of responses from people on my Twitter and Facebook accounts when I posted that I would be going to New York, so I arranged to meet up with a few of them the day before the concert.
Times Square. The fans I interviewed from around the world.
We met at a café in Manhattan, just a stone’s throw from the Broadway concert hall where the concert would be held. New York holds a lot of memories for me but there is nothing more precious than taking time out before a concert to sit down with the local people and discuss the things you like.
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