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Soul-stirring and splendid! Itoda Gion Yamakasa on 11 and 12 May (Saturday and Sunday) is a Must-See!

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At sunset, the light-up makes for a magical scene!

Itoda Gion Yamakasa 2019
On Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May, the Itoda Gion Yamakasa will be held at Itoda Town in Tagawa, Fukuoka! It is a traditional event that has been ongoing in that same town for over 300 years. Groups of men from each district carry 'kazari-yama' (decorative floats) that are 9m in height, more than 2t in weight, and parade around the town. Their vigorous shouts of "Enya-yassa, kōra-yassa", marching to the lilting tune of the gongs and taikō drums, can be summed up in just one word: spectacle! The climax comes at night, when 9 Yamakasa floats gather in "Festival Park Itoda." Those floats will be lit up as well! Now is the time to experience the power and tradition of Japan! (Editing Dept.: nika)

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