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Fukuoka Area Guide Brought to You by Reporters Ulan and Aril

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In this installment, Indonesian students Ulan and Aril introduce us to "Marine World Umino-nakamichi," "Mr.Kebab" (a Turkish restaurant serving authentic halal dishes), as well as some of the shops you can find in the Tenjin Chikagai (Tenjin's Underground Shopping Mall)! Read on to find out what they got up to!

1. "Marine World Umino-nakamichi" : There's all kinds of sea life to discover!

Marine World

2. "Mr.Kebab": Turkish restaurant serving authentic halal food


3. "Fukuoka Masjid": A mosque in the Hakozaki area!

Fukuoka Masjid

4. The "Prayer Room at Fukuoka Airport International Terminal": For those travelling from abroad!

Fukuoka Airport International Terminal

5. "Tenjin Chikagai": The contrast between light and dark is really striking!

Tenjin Chikagai

Map of the locations introduced!

Profile: Ulan

- Student at Fukuoka International Communication College
- Hometown: Indonesia. Lived in Fukuoka since April 2015
- Favorite Fukuoka food: Mizutaki (Japanese hot-pot dish)
- Favorite past-times: Watching films and shopping!
- Favorite sport: Badminton
- Favorite Japanese artists/musicians/bands: L'Arc-en-Ciel, UVERworld

Profile Aril

- Student in Kyushu University's Faculty of Agriculture
- Hometown: Indonesia. Lived in Fukuoka since September 2011
- Favorite Fukuoka food: Gobo-ten udon (Japanese noodles topped with lightly fried burdock)
-Favorite past-times: Rehearsing music with friends
- Favorite sport: Volleyball
- Favorite Japanese artists/musicians/bands: One Ok Rock, X-Japan, SEKAI NO OWARI



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