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Inside the musical-comedy drag show spectacular "Anmitsu Hime" (1/13)

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Flashy, loud, over-the-top and hilarious!

Flamboyant costumes and a well executed mixture of musical and comedy. I had some idea of what to expect from a drag show before my visit to the “Anmitsu Hime Theatre,” but this performance far exceeded all expectations! “Anmitsu Hime” runs three shows a day: 7pm, 9pm and 11pm. On this particular day I finished up at work and made it in time for the 7pm show.

Inside the theatre, after being shown to my seat, the first thing I noticed was all the staff dressed in ultra-colorful costumes. And it was impossible to tell if they were men or women too. Apparently, the venue started out as a “show pub” but then around 10 years ago they recruited the help of some local “okama” (drag queens) and “Anmitsu Hime” became the theatre spectacular that it is today.
I arrived at the theatre well before the show was to begin, but when I got there I found the place filling up with customers already. I asked someone nearby why there were so many people seated so early and apparently it’s because before the show starts the theatre group comes out and mingles with the customers So if you want to get to know the performers a little better than I suggest you do the same and get there early! Of the three time slots the 7pm session gives you the most time to enjoy this pre-show chat.
● The entrance to "Anmitsu Hime." Little did I know what lay in wait for me...!
I’d never experienced a place like this before so at first I was a little overwhelmed by everything, but then one of the staff said to me, “When you go to the zoo you don’t take any notice of whether the animals are male or female, right? Well it’s exactly the same here; we have males, females, monsters and various other creatures, but don’t concern yourself too much with that and just enjoy the show!” I made the most of my early arrival, chatting and taking photos with the staff.
● The staff are all hilarious and they do their best to help you relax.
● Making friends with the theater staff! I'm actually way more nervous than I look here ^^;
The time seemed to fly by and before I knew it the show was about to start. But just what kind of show was I in for though…!

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