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World Fashion Snap / Seoul ULTRA KOREA 2014(4/23)

■Natsuki Fujimoto

ULTRA フェス ファッション 藤本奈月

ULTRA フェス ファッション 藤本奈月

ULTRA フェス ファッション 藤本奈月

ULTRA フェス ファッション 藤本奈月

ULTRA フェス ファッション 藤本奈月
Natsuki Fujimoto (23)


■Your Stand-out Item
You see lots of gorgeous, colorful costumes at ULTRA but I chose black & white clothes instead. On the other hand, I wanted to add some fancy and colorful flavors to my hair arrangement and with these kandi bracelets that my mom made. I've exchanged these with many people at the venue.

■Where you usually go shopping
Tenjin, Daimyo and also on the Internet.

■Favorite Brand/Style
Brand, "UNIF", "O-MIGHTY"
■What influences your fashion
I check Instagram a lot to refer everybody's fashion styles.

■Your fashion motto
I'm not sure whether it's fashionable or not but what ever I choose to wear really depends on my feelings.

■Your current interests

PLUR!!! Very excited to ULTRA JAPAN, too!
Please check the Insta!



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