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JACS X asianbeat in Jericho

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JACS×asianbeat in Jericho
"JACS X asianbeat in Jericho", Monday, September 15, 2014
Venue: Fukuoka Jericho B1F

In this article, we'd like to report from the cosplay event "JACS X asianbeat in Jericho" which was held at "Fukuoka Jericho" last month! The venue "Fukuoka Jericho" is renowned as one of the best locations for photo shoots here in Fukuoka and we'd like to introduce some pictures from this event! World-famous Korea cosplayer, AZA MIYUKO took part in this event "JACS X asianbeat in Jericho", so please take a look at "AZA MIYUKO's "Doki-Doki (exciting)" Fukuoka Story!" as well!

[Photos: Kosuke Yamamoto]

Part 1


Part 2


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