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Celebrating the release of "LinQuest-yagate densetsu e..." (LinQuest - Soon to be Legends...) Live Photo Report!

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Kyushu-based national idol group, LinQ, held an event called ""LinQuest-yagate densetsu e..." Hatsubai Kinen LIVE! Koe-awase Gassho!" ("Celebrating the release of "LinQuest-Soon to be Legends..." Live! Singing Choir!") at Tenjin Best Hall! They held the show on the 9th of September, which they call "LinQ day."
On the same day the opening party for the Fukuoka Asian Party was held in the Ajibi Hall at the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum! LinQ also performed at the event, delivering a performance full of energy and excitement, which wowed those in attendance!
We've got snaps for you to check-out from both performances, so be sure to take a look through our photo report!
Celebrating the release of "LinQuest-yagate densetsu he..." (LinQuest-Soon to be Legends...)!" Photo Report!
Asian Party and LinQ

" Hatsubai Kinen LIVE! Koe-awase Gassho!" ("Celebrating the release of "LinQuest-Soon to be Legends..." Live! Singing Choir!")

[Participation]Naoko Hara, Chiaki Yoshikawa, Chisei Fukase, Mayu Kishida, Aya Maikawa, Kurumi Matsumura, Maina Kohinata, Mao Kitayama, Mei Oishi, Sakura Araki, MYU, Cocoro Araki, Kotone Iwamoto

[Set List]
01. LinQuest- Yagate Densetsu e・・・
02. jump jump jump!
03. I Screamin'
04. Hare Hare☆Parade
05. Anata ni
06. Wessai!! Gassai!!

>> Encore
07. V to ROAD
08. for you
09 .HANABI!!

CD release information:

Asian Party

The "Asian Party" ran from September to October, and is the general name given to the creative enterprises and projects Fukuoka City carries out with Asia.
Under the concept of "Create with Asia," the Asian Party aims to be a social meeting place where Asian people, products and information come together.

Official Website:


Kyushu-based national idol group "LinQ" debuted on April 17th 2011 and their name comes from the initials of "Love in Kyushu." The name of the band is loaded with meaning; through their activities they try to "link" people together from different areas and countries, and create a "Egao no Kakehashi (bridge of smiles and happiness)." As a part of their activities to regenerate local areas they have collaborated with local businesses and also actively participated in fund-raising activities.

Official Website:
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