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asianbeat Vietnam Momiji Matsuri 2015 Event Photo Report

asianbeat Vietnam Momiji Matsuri 2015
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The Vietnamese youth really absorbed the Japanese culture that was on display!

The "asianbeat Vietnam Momiji Matsuri 2015" was held across 2 days, on the 24th and 25th October, in Hanoi, Vietnam. With around 8,000 young people in attendance over the 2 days, the venue was bustling with excitement!
On the outdoor stage there was all kinds going on, including live performances, a karaoke contest, a yukata contest and a cosplay fashion show. Listening to the Japanese songs during the live performances and the karaoke contest, everyone's Japanese was so good, you nearly forgot that you were in Vietnam!

At the booths inside there was traditional Japanese games such as shogi and go, calligraphy, the chance to try on yukata,
as well as a desk that was accepting applications for the 2016 asianbeat・FACo Kawaii Ambassador Contest. You won't be surprised to hear that lots of people applied!
There was also a performance from Kyushu-based idol group LinQ, and the Vietnamese youth couldn't help but fall for their cute look and energetic performance!
We've got lots of photos from the event, so be sure to check them out! Please enjoy!
At the venue
LinQ Live Report
asianbeat Vietnam Momiji Matsuri 2015
Cosplay Snaps

asianbeat Vietnam Momiji Matsuri 2015 Event Photo Report

Dates: Saturday October 24th to Sunday October 25th 2015
Venue: Hanoi Thanh Xuan Culture Center
Organizer: asianbeat and asianbeat Vietnam
Co-organizer: The Embassy of Japan in Vietnam
Supported by: The Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam, TV station VTV6

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