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asianbeat 4Koma Manga Contest Winners


From December 5th to the 18th 2012, we accepted submissions for the ‘asianbeat 4koma Manga Contest’ and received a total of 129 entries. Of these, we selected 62 different pieces to be cast into an online popular vote (December 24th, 2012 – January 6th, 2013) and critiqued by a panel of three experts. Below we announce the winner of our Grand Prize (1 work) and the runner-ups (3 works).

The Grand Prize Winner

Title: Fuyu (Winter)

Artist: Fushimi Kise

Judges’ Comments:

・ Voted #1 by popular vote on our website. The tense atmosphere of winter is conveyed admirably and the final punch-line was also done well.

・ The piece invokes a sense of the coming of winter. The heart-warming emotion exchanged between the man and the woman is also nice.

Runner-Up #1

U1_39a_福岡女性最強伝説 とある漫画の敬意作-店長.jpg
Title: Fukuoka josei saikyo densetsu – to aru manga no keii saku- (The Legend of the Strongest Fukuoka Woman – as a mark of respect to my favorite comics-

Artist: Tencho

Judges’ Comments:

・ Actually, there are a lot of beautiful women in Fukuoka! I definitely am in agreement with the artist on this point. The artwork itself is also fabulously done.

・ The illustrations are very good and the unfolding of the story is excellent.

Runner-Up #2

Title: Ohimesama no Douraku (The Princess’ Debauchery)

Artist: Noyuki

Judges’ Comments:

・ The relationship between the Princess and the butler is portrayed well. The expression on the butler's face at the end is very 'moe.'

・ The playfulness between the Princess and the butler is rather enjoyable. The Princess' kawaii-ness is expressed well.

Runner-Up #3

Title: Fukuoka Nichijo Seikatsu – 1 (Daily Life in Fukuoka – 1)

Artist: Akatsuki

Judges’ Comments:

・ So the word for hard noodles is "harigane"? Some interesting trivia. The food in Fukuoka is really good, isn't it?

・ The setting of the grandmother and grandchild is rather nice. There's a humaneness about it which I really liked.



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