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    Bringing you popular features that introduce today's Fukuoka through the eyes of the international residents, "This is Fukuoka" has been renovated, refreshed and has returned as "This is Fukuoka-Season2-!!" This series will deliver all kinds information about the charm and appeal of Fukuoka from the perspective of international students. If you're searching for shopping suggestions check-out our recommendations here!
    • le lien

      Korean student Suu went to the Kawabata Shotengai to report on the Japanese clothing store "le lien," as well as a shop that specializes in Japanese goods and trinkets called "wa・lavie!"

      JapanFukuokaFashionsightseeingHot Spot
    • Michi no Eki Munakata

      Some of the hottest spots in the Munakata and Fukutsu area, brought to you by Chinese student Jing!

      GourmetHot Spot
    • Tenjin Chikagai

      Indonesian students Ulan and Aril report from Tenjin Chikagai, and give us the low down on the men's sock specialists "Tabio HOMME," as well as "sanrio vivitix," which has all kinds of cute Sanrio goods in stock! Read on to find out more!

      sightseeingHot Spot
    • JA Itoshima Farmers Market Ito Sai-sai

      At the JA Itoshima Farmers Market "Ito Sai-sai" there's all kinds of fresh produce from the Ito area on sale! British student Hiro reports on his visit!

      GourmetHot Spot



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