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Interview Now - 岡咲美保 (Okasaki Miho), 熊田茜音 (Kumada Akane), MindaRyn -(1/2)

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Interview Now ~ 岡咲美保 (Okasaki Miho)、熊田茜音 (Kumada Akane)、MindaRyn ~
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The voice artist Okasaki Miho, who plays Rimuru in "Theatrical version That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Guren no Kizuna-hen (lit Scarlet Bond)", appeared on stage at the Kitakyushu Pop Culture Festival 2022 (KPF) on Saturday 26th November 2022. Okasaki was joined by Kumada Akane, who plays Eren in the "TenSura" anime series, and MindaRyn, an artist from Thailand who sings the theme song for the movie! We asked them what the audience can expect from the movie version of the popular "TenSura" anime! We also have some great autographed prizes to give away to our readers! Keep reading to find out more!

The scale of the theatrical version of "TenSura" is incredible!

Okasaki Miho, Kumada Akane, MindaRyn
▲ (From left) MindaRyn, Okasaki Miho, and Kumada Akane
ab: The new theatrical version of TenSura is not the same as the TV series or the original title. It's a completely new work! We would love to hear your thoughts about the film now that the production is complete!

Okasaki Miho: Right up until the release date, my heart was pounding so hard. I was really excited to see the fans' reaction. I was so moved when I started hearing people saying "I've seen it!"

Kumada Akane: I portray a character called Eren, who doesn't appear in this production (sad face)! So I was just looking forward to seeing it along with all the other fans. The scale of the theatrical version was just incredible!
Okasaki Miho
ab: MindaRyn... You sang the theme song "Like Flames" for the 2nd season part 2 of the TV series. And for the "TenSura" movie, you sang the theme song, which is called "Make Me Feel Better"! Are there any lyrics you would like us to focus on?

MindaRyn: The "Thinking of you, I got myself back" part! It ties in with the contents of the "TenSura" movie. Try listenting to the song again after you've watched the film. I think it will give you a fresh perspective of the song!

ab: Can you tell us a story or experience from the production of the "TenSura" movie that left an impression on you? is there anything that stands out?

Okasaki: The action scene between Benimaru (voiced by Furukawa Makoto) and Hiiro (voiced by Uchida Yuma) was amazing! There is so much power in their growling voices! You can really feel the passion in their performances!

MindaRyn: This song was fully produced in Japan and I've put absolutely everything into it for "TenSura." The production team also poured all their energy into the song making. They really thought about how we could convey Rimuru's strength with conviction.

ab: Can you tell us about some aspects of "TenSura" that you find particularly charming? Is there anything that you totally love even though it might be a bit niche or random?
Okasaki Miho, Kumada Akane, MindaRyn
Okasaki: In the TV series, Raphael starts to sulk when Rimuru says, "I don't understand that!" I think that kind of scene gives us a glimpse of Raphael's humanity.

Kumada: I like the scene where their recently acquired skills appear in text! I genuinely thought... "Wow... That's super cool!"

MindaRyn: My favorite is sexy Shion. The scene where Shion puts Rimuru on her lap in Slime form is brilliant! It is also great when we get to see her try to cook! I love the courage and determination!

ab: If could be reincarnated in the world of "TenSura," who would you like to be?

Kumada Akane
Okasaki: It's quite tough to decide... I think all the characters are cool! But I would probably go for Ramiris. She looks like a cute, small fairy, but she's actually a strong demon lord. I think she probably enjoys getting pampered by Treyni and the rest of the gang!

Kumada: I'm would go for the adventurer Eren-chan! I want to go on an exciting journey with Gido and Kaval!

MindaRyn: I love Rimuru. I would like to be reborn as Ranga, so I can always be with Rimuru!

◎ The Jura tempest broadcasting station at the Kitakyushu Pop Culture Festival!

Okasaki Miho, Kumada Akane, MindaRyn
▲ There was a segment that tested the “bonds” and "connections" that exist between the three special guests!

Okasaki Miho, Kumada Akane
▲ There were lots of people at the venue! There were also lots of fans watched live streaming of the event!

Kumada Akane▲ Okasaki spoke about some of the memorable scenes in the movie version of "TenSura." She stated that "Benimaru and Hiiro are from the same hometown. Just seeing them meet made me feel emotional."

Okasaki Miho, Kumada Akane, MindaRyn▲ New information about the "That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime ISEKAI Memories" app, which Kumada sings the theme song, was shared with the audience. This announcement created a lot of excitement amongst everyone watching!

MindaRyn▲ MindaRyn's live performance brought the show to an end! She gave an energetic rendition of the "TenSura" movie theme song "Make Me Feel Better!" Her performance absolutely captivated the crowd!

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Guren no Kizuna-hen▲ By the booths, there was a collection of cutouts that depict the main characters from the "TenSura" movie! It proved a popular place for visitors to take photographs!
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