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D.I.Y. Ita-Goods (Special Otaku Lecture)

D.I.Y. ita-goods
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Otaku culture in Japan is constantly evolving. One growing trend in this culture that Japan has experienced of late is D.I.Y. otaku goods, whereby so-called otaku make prints of their favorite anime, manga and video game characters and display them in various unique and creative ways. These otaku goods are referred to as "ita-goods". The term "ita" (lit: painful) is a rather versatile term and can also be adapted to describe the particular item that it refers to. For example, a smartphone that’s been decorated in a "painfully" otaku way is called an “ita-sumaho” (ita-smartphone), and a similarly decorated tumbler (mug) is called an "ita-mbura" (ita-mbler). It only takes a quick search online to find out just how big this ita-goods craze really is.

So, for all the people out there who’ve never seen these so-called "ita-goods," and for all the people who’ve always wanted to try making their own ita-goods but just didn’t know how, we’ve created this special otaku lecture called"D.I.Y. Ita-Goods"! Here we’ll show you the basic steps you need to know to make your own ita-goods and you can even look through our photo gallery of handmade ita-goods and maybe get a few ideas on items that you might like to try making yourself. Get ready for your otaku initiation! (lol)


Learn the First Step to Making Ita-Goods: "Paper cutouts & Stickers"


Time to make some high-quality goods with your own PC!


How to make stylish and kawaii "ita-goods for girls"

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