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Special feature, "This is Fukuoka" series aims to help people navigate their way round today's Fukuoka! It also gives members of the Fukuoka-based international community an opportunity to introduce a wide range of attractions. This helps ensure a fresh perspective on what is going on in the local area!
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This is Fukuoka Season 1
"Ramen," "yatai," "Dontaku festival"...These are the things people are most likely to call to mind when they think of "Fukuoka." Not to say these things aren't unique in their own right, but there's much, much more to Fukuoka than just cheap food and street parties! That's why we've turned to the members of asianbeat's international crew currently living in Fukuoka to report on the aspects of this city that you won't usually read about in your average guide book. With the help of our three navigators, Dan, Jeong and Susu, we'll be bringing you all the latest event info and reporting on various hot-spots in and around Fukuoka. It's your guide to Fukuoka with a twist!
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