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Fukuoka Ramen Map

Fukuoka Ramen Restaurant Map in Fukuoka City
LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: 福岡ラーメンMAP Fukuoka Ramen Map Fukuoka Ramen Map Fukuoka Ramen Map Fukuoka Ramen Map

What is Hakata Ramen?

Hakata ramen is distinguished by its rich, milky-colored, pork-bone (or “tonkotsu”) broth and its thin, straight noodles. Typically, there are no large servings (“oomori”), but instead, there are “kaedama,” or second servings of noodles. The kaedama system allows customers to order additional noodles to their remaining broth.
With Hakata ramen you can also choose how soft or firm you want your noodles. The choices of firmness range from “bariyawa” (very soft), “yawa” (soft), “futsu” (regular), “kata” (hard), “barikata” (very hard), “harigane” (super hard), “kona-otoshi” (lit: flour removed only), and “yuge-toshi” (lit: noodles passed through steam only). ※ The levels of firmness that people most commonly order have been highlighted in blue.

For more information and guides introducing Fukuoka's ramen hotspots, please take a look at the following: [Hakata Station/Nakasu Area], [Tenjin/Daimyo Area], [Kitakyushu Area] and [The Yatai Special] .
How to order ramen
What is tsukemen
Fukuoka Ramen Map_Hakata and Nakasu Areas
Buta Soba TSUKIYA Ramen Runway Store
Ramen Runway Store
博多一幸舎 博多本店<br />
Hakata Ikkousha Hakata Main Branch
二葉亭 Futabatei
うま馬 祇園本店<br />
Umauma Gion branch
ぶたや<br />
トン骨野郎 てつ屋
Tonkotsu-yarou Tetsuya
ラーメン海鳴 清川店
Ramen Unari Kiyokawa-branch
Fukuoka Ramen Map_Tenjin and Daimyo Area
らーめん おいげん<br />
Ramen Oigen
麺道はなもこし<br />
Mendo Hanamokoshi
Chuka Soba Gouya
Chuka Soba Gouya
Hakata Daruma Souhonten
Hakata Daruma Souhonten
博多ラーメンShinShin 天神本店
Hakata Ramen ShinShin Tenjin Honten
Number One Nagahama branch ナンバーワン長浜店
Number One Nagahama Branch
Kitakyushu Area
金田家 本家
Kanada-Ya Honke
Ramen Kobo Ryu らーめん工房 龍
Ramen Kobo Ryu
Ramen Banryu
麺家 まるいち 鳥町本店
Menya Maruichi Torimachi Honten
Chuka Soba Fujiou 中華そば 藤王
Chuka soba Fujiou
Minzu Ramen 珉子ラーメン
Minzu Ramen
Extra Editon Street Stalls
丸和前ラーメン Maruwa-mae Ramen
Maruwa-mae Ramen
南京千両 Nankin Senryou
Nankin Senryou
Fukuoka Ramen Map
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coming soon
Ichiran's MoriIchiran's Mori

- Fukuoka Ramen Map!

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