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Maruwa-mae Ramen (丸和前ラーメン)

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    The first yatai in Kitakyushu City!?

    Fukuoka yatai are almost synonymous with people's image of Hakata, but they are actually also really popular in Kokura. Maruwa-mae Ramen is said to be the first yatai in Kitakyushu City, with food that is to die for! Even the standard ramen they serve has a lot of spring onion, so it goes without saying that their dishes will be absolutely irresistible to onion lovers!
    At 500 Yen, their tako-kushi (octopus skewers) are a little expensive (compared to other dishes), but they are specialties of this renowned yatai, so make sure to give them a try! You're sure to enjoy the experience!

    Maruwa-mae Ramen 丸和前ラーメン
    Maruwa-mae Ramen 丸和前ラーメン
    Maruwa-mae Ramen 丸和前ラーメン
    Maruwa-mae Ramen 丸和前ラーメン
    [Ramen Dishes]
    Ramen: 600 Yen
    Negi (spring onion) Ramen: 650 Yen
    Cha-shu (roasted pork) Ramen: 700 Yen

    [Oden Dishes (dish consisting of various ingredients stewed in a soy-flavored dashi broth)]
    Tako-kushi (octopus skewers): 500 Yen
    Others: 120 Yen

    Maruwa-mae Ramen (丸和前ラーメン)

    Address: Super Maruwa-mae (in front of the Maruwa Supermarket), Uomachi, Kokura-kitaku, Kitakyushu-shi
    Phone Number: 090-2854-7569
    Opening Hours: 20:30-04:30 (Monday to Friday) 20:30-05:00 (Saturday)
    Closed: Sundays and when raining
    * All information correct as of March 2016

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