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"Otakus @ Home" What does the inside of an otaku’s room look like?


What does the inside of an otaku’s room look like? Come to think of it, what even inspires one to become an otaku? “Otakus @ Home” aims to answer these questions and more as we explore the homes of self-professed otakus and try find which otaku can boast the most expensive collector’s item.

Each time we’ll introduce a new otaku, their room and their most prized possession and we’ll keep a running tally going on the amount spent until we hit our set goal of 10 million Yen (approx. $100,000). We’ll also be throwing 20 questions at each participant in the project and by the end of it hopefully we’ll all be a little more understanding on the way and life of the otaku.
■#27 NEW
The last one! Classic Models Galore!
Otaku Room! Otaku Car! Otaku Bathtub!
Room totally surrounded by anime goods and loves SKE48!
A Dutch Otaku Room Full of Bishojo
Hello Kitty Crazy
A Room Packed Full of Showa Period Heroes
An Otaku with a Passion for Music and Motorbikes!
A Taiwanese Student's Love for Ayanami Rei
Student, Cosplayer, Magazine Editor - One Super-Active Otaku Girl!
A Hong Kong Otaku and His Moe Mecha Hideaway
An Aussie hooked on all things Otaku.
A room with a collection of "Tokimeki Memorial" Himoo Yuina goods like no other.
A Chicago based otaku with a room decked out in Dollfie Dream.
■#14 otaku14_top1.jpg A resident of Hong Kong and a lover of robot anime.
■#13 otaku13_top1.jpg When your room is full of Tamura Yukari, Twinkle, and pink -- that's Amore!
Ninety-nine point eight percent of his room is covered in Feena Fam Earthlight!
Approx. 500 mecha/SF anime figures adorn this otaku room!
Constantly surrounded by 2D girls! A plush toy that he calls his pet sleeps in his bed while he sleeps on the floor!
Our 9th guest serves his country as a member of the self-defense force and likes to cover the walls of his room with his favorite 'bishojo.'
A husband and wife otaku, and a 3 year old otaku son in the making!
One glance at his room is enough to tell you - this otaku likes his bishojo!...

Otaku history of 5 years. Our 6th guest lives in a sharehouse with a friend but to us this place looks more secret base than sharehouse! See for yourself!
Otaku history 40 years! A husband and wife otaku couple - she makes doll's clothes, he makes models!
An otaku of only 7 months, but after discovering "K-ON!" his life (and his room) changed in a big way!
■ #3

An otaku history of 4 years. This otaku now lives in a company dormitory but he let us have a look inside his otaku room back home!
■ #2
An otaku history of 16 years! Our next guest is a MASSIVE fan of "K-On!" (more specifically, Ricchan!)
■ #1
Our first guest: an otaku for 10years and a former hardcore gamer who used to make a living off playing net games.

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