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Fukuoka Otaku Map


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Fukuoka Otaku Map
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The popular segment "FUKUOKA OTAKU MAP" continues with it's second series "FUKUOKA OTAKU MAP ver."痛"(two)," seeking to unearth even more otaku hidden gems! In keeping with the first series, we will be bringing you an extensive otaku guide, introducing otaku shops and hot-spots from all around Fukuoka, so make sure to check for updates!
西日本シティ銀行 HKT48劇場


V-World AREA
animate Fukuoka PARCO
Tenjin Style
The Roofless Museum
Hello Kitty Shinkansen Cafe
Hello Kitty Shinkansen Cafe
TSUKUMO Fukuoka Branch
Jiyu Kukan Tenjin Southern Avenue
ANIMEGA Tenjin Loft
ANIMEGA Tenjin Loft
namco Bus Terminal
Sample RIKI
Ultraman World M78 Canal City Hakata
Pokémon Center Fukuoka
Tenjin Style
Henshin Zakka Shop Parfait
ONE PIECE 麦わらストア 福岡店
Coming Soon
Coming Soon


fukuoka otaku map
In recent years, products of Japanese-born otaku culture, like anime and manga, have developed strong followings right around the world. It’s well known that Akihabara is the so-called “holy grail” of otaku culture, but what you may not know is that Fukuoka too is fast developing into an area with an array of otaku spots of it’s very own. Fukuoka is Asia’s gateway to Japan and many visitors from Asian countries come specifically to see these particular spots. In this feature we’ll be introducing you to Fukuoka’s anime and cosplay scene, but the term “otaku” doesn’t just apply to a single subculture, it’s used to refer to “enthusiasts” of various genres. So we’ll also be looking at railways and army-related sites, etc., and introducing you to a wide range of unique Fukuoka otaku spots in one easy-to-understand guide. You don’t have to be an otaku of a particular genre to enjoy this feature either – just think of it as a guide to Fukuoka with a unique twist!


Fukuoka Otaku Map #20 MARBLE CHOCO


Fukuoka Otaku Map #19 PIT HAKATA


Fukuoka Otaku Map #17 CRAFT HOUSE Tenjin


Fukuoka Otaku Map #16 Popondetta


Fukuoka Otaku Map #16 Popondetta


Fukuoka Otaku Map #14 Model Gun Specialty Store – NEW MGC FUKUOKA


Fukuoka Otaku Map #13 The Radio Amateurs Shop Apollo Denshi


Fukuoka Otaku Map #12 World Military Surplus & Riders Shop SWAT


Fukuoka Otaku Map Gamers Hakata






Fukuoka Otaku Map TOM SAWYER Tenjin Loft


Fukuoka Otaku Map Kotobukiya Fukuoka Tenjin


Fukuoka Otaku Map Toy Collector


Fukuoka Otaku Map GEE STORE

The “Otaku Spot” Map!

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