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Hakata Ikkousha Hakata Main Branch (博多一幸舎 博多本店)

Hakata Station and Nakasu Area
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Froth on top of the soup… A sign of the umami flavor! Thick, almost foamy tonkotsu ramen created by experts in the field!

Since opening their first restaurant in 2004, Hakata Ikkousha has gone on to establish 51 branches both inside and outside the country. Two well-known Ikkousha establishments in the local Fukuoka area, include the branches Hakata and Daimyo. The chain of restaurants has gained a reputation for its famous Hakata-style thick tonkotsu (pork bone) ramen! One of the best loved features of "Hakata Ikkousha" ramen dishes is the small bubbles of fat that rise to the surface of the soup during the preparation process. This unique trait is proof of the thick, umami quality that comes with authentic tonkotsu ramen. Make sure to stop by and sample a bowl of "Ganso Awa-kei" (lit. pioneering bubbly-style) ramen noodles created by experts in the field!

Hakata Ikkousha Hakata
Hakata Ikkousha Hakata
Hakata Ikkousha Hakata
"Hakata Ikkousha" are firmly committed to excellence. This is evident in the time and effort they put into creating their rich, umami-filled soup. Two hagama (cooking pots) are used in the process, which involves boiling down large quantities of carefully prepared pork bones on a high heat. The oils then mix together with the air to create a fatty bubble emulsion that rises to the surface of the broth. The tasty thick and creamy soup is served with springy, flat, thin noodles specially produced by the company "製麺屋 慶史
'Seimen-ya Keishi.)" The two complement each other perfectly! The thinly cut large slices of simmering char siu (roasted pork) are also absolutely delicious and well worth a try!
Another popular item on the menu is the "ajitama (flavoured egg) ramen." This dish is topped with a soft bolied egg that has been slowly soaked in a homemade sauce. The "Hakata hitokuchi gyoza" (bitesize dumplings) also go down well with diners! If you are looking to experience the most popular tastes and flavors from the local area make sure to go for the "Hakata set." This combo meal deal includes a bowl of "Ramen," served with either "Hakata mentai-donburi" (rice bowl topped with a local delicacy-pollack roe) or "Cha-mayo-donburi" (rice bowl topped with a generous helping of Ikkousha’s specially prepared char siu roasted pork and mayonnaise), and a half-size serving of Hakata hitokuchi gyoza.
Hakata Ikkousha Hakata
Hakata Ikkousha Hakata
Hakata Ikkousha Hakata
The menu is available in English, Chinese and Korean. The restaurant also provides free Wi-Fi, which is really useful for travellers and tourists!

Ramen... 700 yen
Ajitama (flavoured egg) ramen... 800 yen
Ajitama (flavoured egg) kuro (black) ramen... 900 yen
Ajitama (flavoured egg) aka (red) ramen... 900 yen
Kaedama (extra serving of noodles)... 150 yen
Hakata hitokuchi gyoza (bitesize dumplings) (10 pieces)... 400 yen
Hakata set... 1000 yen. Includes: Hakata tonkotsu ramen, Hakata mentai-donburi (rice bowl topped with pollack roe) or Cha-mayo-donburi (rice bowl topped with char siu roasted pork and mayonnaise), Hakata hitokuchi gyoza (5 pieces)
Other dishes are also available.

Hakata Ikkousha Hakata Main Branch (博多一幸舎 博多本店)

Address: 103 Kowa Building, 3-23-12 Hakataeki-mae, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka-ken
Telephone number: 092-432-1190
Number of seats (capacity): 22
Opening hours:
-Monday to Saturday: 11:00 to 24:00 (last order: 23: 30)
-Sunday: 11: 00-21: 00, lunch: 11: 00-15: 00
*Restaurant closes as soon as the premises run out of soup/broth.
Holidays: Open all year round

*All information correct as of February 2017.

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