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The Second Annual asianbeat 4Koma Manga Contest

4koma manga contest

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As a follow-up to last year, asianbeat would like to continue the tradition in fostering shared values and mutual understanding amongst teenagers and young adults all over the world through the phenomenon that has overtaken the globe: manga.
< Registration Period >
October 1st (Tuesday) until November 5th (Tuesday), 2013.
* Please note that the closing time for registrations on November 5th is 2 pm(JST).*

< Themes for Submissions >
(1) 4koma manga about Everyday Life
(2) 4koma manga about Fukuoka
(3) 4koma manga about Travel
* 4Koma manga: A comic-strip format, generally consists of gag comic strips with four panels.

4koma manga examples
< Winners Announced >
December 25th, (Wednesday) 2013

4コマ挿絵.jpg< Prizes >
Grand Prize: 100,000 Yen & an art kit (1 work selected)
For outside Japan: 30,000 Yen, an art kit & a pack of Fukuoka Goods (1 work selected)
Kitakyushu Manga Museum Award: 30,000 Yen & museum prize goods (1 work selected)
Award of Excellence: 100,000 Yen & a cartoon studios DX pize (1 work selected)
The Fighting Spirit Award: An Ultimatum professional B4 (Torres units) (1 work selected)

* For competitors living abroad or of a non-Japanese nationality, prizes will be awarded to those with the most number of votes from non-Japanese nationals
* Prize offers (Art Kits) - are sponsored by IC, Inc.

< Sponsors >
asianbeat, Kyushu Manga Museum, DreamTribe



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