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Interview Now - lyrical school -(2/2)

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lyrical school

The only thing we want to do now is live!!

ab: We realized that you're now doing many online musical activities through social medias. How is the response from fans overseas?

lyrical school
risano: I'm uploading videos to Twitter (with #risanonews) everyday, introducing Japan to people overseas in English. I'm really happy to have received many replies in English for these videos including the "remote live" ones.

ab: You've also done live in Fukuoka before, what did you find interesting in Fukuoka?

risano: It'll definitely be everyone's great vibes! And the Yatai (food stalls) as well, where we'll visit in the midnight after the live show. I love "Mentai Tamagoyaki" so much!!

minan: I stayed at a hotel in Minoshima before, and around this area there were lots of delicious food like nice sushi and meat dishes. I always enjoy visiting Fukuoka because of the delicious food!

ab: What are you into right now?

lyrical school
yuu: Playing guitar
minan: Watching "Nizi Project"
hime: A game application called "Genkai Shiritori"
hinako: "Atsumare Doubutsu no Mori" (Animal Crossing: New Horizons)
risano: Surviving with 10 thousand yen in a month! (laugh)

ab: What are your favourite fashion styles or makeup trends?

minan: Comfort is everthing! I like to wear denims paired with a T-shirt, with a pair of sneakers and add some accessories. For the makeup I like trying different lip colours depending on my mood, now I'm using the orange and beige series!

risano: I like to be simple. I've cut my hair short recently and most of the time I'll dress up in casual vintage style. For makeup, I've been using LUNASOL's eyeshadow since I was 16 and I haven't changed it until now!

ab: Finally, what would you like to tell your fans and the asianbeat's readers?

risano: The only thing we'd want to do now is live!! We are looking forward to enjoying live shows together with all of you again!

minan: Please keep on supporting us! We'll keep updating our activities even when we can't do live shows, so don't miss out!

lyrical school
lyrical school
*All photos provided by: lyrical school


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lyrical school
Official Website: http://lyricalschool.com/
Twitter: @lyri_sch
Instagram: @lyricalschool
YouTube: Click HERE!

yuu Twitter: @yuuuuuu_1220
minan Twitter: @minan1205
hime Twitter: @hime_514
hinako Twitter: @hinako_805
risano Twitter: @risano_0928
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