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Flash Animation “Eagle Talon” Series Animation from Shimane Prefecture aiming at the world animation scene

Flash Animation “Eagle Talon” SeriesAnimation from Shimane Prefecture aiming at the world animation scene

The world’s first flash movie “Eagle Talon, the Movie - The Chancellor Only Lives Twice” was released in March 2007 and has been screening for an amazing six month stretch. In won a double at the 2008 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival for best animation and best international director. It was also screened at the Cannes Film Festival and is making its mark on the world. We interviewed FROGMAN, who is not only a Flash creator, but he is the director, artist and voice actor – taking on every role by himself. We spoke to him about his new movie - Eagle Talon, the Movie II The Black Oolong Tea That I Loved - and behind the scenes episodes.

I wasn’t trying to make a movie that would appeal only to a certain group.

“I wanted to make a movie that parents could take their kids to, with a simple story that anyone could enjoy. I wasn’t trying to make quality of artwork the main feature of the movie, and I wasn’t trying to create for a certain audience. Having said that, I have used issues in the story such as problems facing those in small isolated towns and trouble with financial institutions, putting them into a story that ends with more than just a laugh. Locals from Shimane were happy to see that some of their issues were in the story. Some scenes in the movie can even get up you back (lol)

FLASH animation has the advantage of low cost production, however whether the movie is any good depends on the ability of the creator. His movies not only have a ubiquitous appeal to the anime world, and the world movie industry, but they are also full of new ideas. One of those must be the “Budget Gauge System”.

Money is the energy powering movies

In the past I worked for a movie production company in budget administration. It was here that I found that money is the energy powering movies. This movie can be produced at one thirtieth the cost of a feature movie, and has fewer staff. We use top voice actors, but only as special effects. Implement it in the budget gauge and display in visually, that is how the money is used.”

We use voices of popular characters such as Goku from Dragonball and Dokurobe from Time Bokan etc. as sound effects, which put punch in the movie.

From overseas, Tokyo and Shimane both mean Japan

It is said that overseas people think "Japanese anime is cool", but the overall picture is very different. Most foreigners hardly ever watch any anime. The only ones they watch are Pokemon etc., and recently cartoons are making a comeback. In this environment it was very encouraging for me that my anime was the first to be accepted by the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, a festival that is not known for showing Japanese animation. And it wasn’t the quality of the artwork that got them in, but the gags. Right, this has given me a leg up and I’m ready for the next step. And I can do it from Shimane. The reaction really made me feel that eitherTokyo or Shimane, to those overseas they both mean Japan.

On being asked “What’s next?” the FROGMAN said “I will aim at becoming a niche industry and release series 3 and 4. I look forward to your support”, concluding with an air of confidence.

<List of Characters>
The Chancellor
Dr. Leonardo
Bodhisattva Boy
Deluxe Fighter
The people of Shimane Prefecture, The people of Yoshida’s home town, Yoshida Village

Eagle Talon The Movie II The Black Oolong Tea That Loved Me
Screening now
Movie Site:http://www.takamovie.jp
Frogman Site:http://www.kaeruotoko.com/

◇『Eagle Talon The Movie II The Black Oolong Tea That Loved Me』
will be released on standard DVD, as well as a Yoshida Neo box set and Dr. Charleston DVD box set which include special video and figurines (Limited 3000 sets)

Storyline /
Deluxe Fighter has again thwarted the Eagle Talon gang in their attempt to rule the world. But they turn their aim at world domination of cyberspace – where he cannot follow them. Dr. Leonardo creates a machine that allows them to enter cyberspace and they dive into the net and start having fun. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Mr. A is trying to take over Japan with numerous company acquisitions.

● Director:FROGMAN
● Voices:FROGMAN, etc
● Distributor:DLE

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  • * Winner announced! A card signed by Nagae Rika, Tsuda Minami and Takahashi Karin !