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Cosplayers Laboratory - Thailand edition - #1 KOYUKI (小雪)

Cosplayers Laboratory Thailand
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"Cosplayers Laboratory" is one of the most popular sections of the asianbeat website! And in response to growing demand, we've finally expanded and started a new sub-category called "Cosplayers Laboratory - Thailand Edition -!" In co-operation with "COSPLAY MODE," one of the only cosplay magazines in Thailand, we will continue to introduce you to some of top cosplayers active not just in Thailand, but throughout the entire world! So please enjoy!

To celebrate this first edition, we are featuring KOYUKI! "WorldCosplay" is a website that allows cosplayers to post their own cosplay photographs, and lets them vote and give a ranking to other frequent users. It is little wonder that each of KOYUKI's gorgeous cosplay snaps on the site have garnered huge amounts of attention! And that's not all, you can also catch a glimpse of KOYUKI in cosplay action on Facebook, where she writes messages to all of her fans! It's unusual to find anyone who is as eager as KOYUKI to interact with their fans! We've got some great snaps of KOYUKI for you, so be sure to check-out her photo gallery!

Cosplayers No.1 小雪 ~KOYUKI~

- Cos Name: KOYUKI (小雪)
- Birthday: 1st August
- Cosplay History: Around 13 years
- Current Location: Bangkok, Thailand
- Best Cos Characters: Eri Ayase, Sheryl Nome
- Cosplay Expenses: Approximately 2,000 baht a month (in the region of 6,000 yen)

- Facebook:fb.com/yukihimekoyuki
- Cure:No.93746
- WorldCosplay: http://worldcosplay.net/member/-koyuki-

Hello, I'm Koyuki! I'm a cosplayer from Thailand, and I just love cosplay! It is now 13 years since I first started cosplaying. I've taken part in lots of cosplay contests and even experienced winning quite a few!
 KOYUKI (小雪)
My hobbies include reading Japanese manga, watching anime and listening to music. My dream is to participate in cosplay contests and do photo-shoots overseas. I think it's so great to be able make friends with people, both at home and abroad, who love cosplay.
The characters that I usually base my look on when I'm cosplaying include magical girls, idols, as well those that wear gorgeous clothes, Japanese-style clothes and sexy outfits. Right now, the characters that I'm really into are from "Love Live!," "THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS," "MACROSS Frontier," as well as many others.
I'm always uploading my new photographs onto Facebook, WorldCosplay and fan pages. If you're interested, please check them out! And when we next meet at a cosplay event, let's take a picture together! ^ ^

KOYUKI - Photo Gallery

Eri Ayase of Love Live! School Idol Project
One of Thailand's only cosplay magazines, began publishing in 2010. Features all the latest cosplay news, practical DIY information, as well as photographs from events taking place in Thailand.

Cosplaymode Thailand



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