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The "MCPO AWARD 2019" - The award ceremony and winning works

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This report will take a closer look at some of the incredible award-winning works, which were selected from a total of 1,738 applicants. Read on to find-out what the judges had to say about the works! We have also included some comments from the award-winning artists! Their joy and excitement was clear to see!

Illustration Section

★ Gold Prize

Title: 鳩を見た日 | Author: セカイメグル (Japan)

★ Hibiki Reine: "This is so eye-catching and gorgeous. The character has an almost transparent quality. It's so expressive! The work clearly depicts a "departure," which was the theme for this year's award."

Comment: "I am so honored to receive the prestigious Gold Award. I will continue to draw. I will be so happy if people like my work. It would be amazing if my artwork could help someone develop an interested in drawing and results in them wanting to give it a try!"
★ Silver Prize

Title: 出发吧~行こう~ | Author: Asi (China)

★ Ueyama Tochi: "This work really gets you excited. It makes you wonder what kind of journey lies ahead. The flying crows give off a slightly rough and wild undertone, but you can sense joy in the composition. The artist has featured lots of favorite things in the image. It is a wonderful piece of work."

★ Blonze Prize

Chamile Orang
Title: Journeying Out | Author: Chamile Orang (U.S.A.)

★ MediBang Inc. Kamijima Shunpei: "The image features a big tree on the left and a bush to the bottom. The arrangement is quite bold. I am sure that painters and illustrators will recognize how difficult it is to create this kind of composition. I think all there is a good sense of balance and harmony among the elements depicted in this image. The work really stimulated my mind and got me thinking about all kinds of things."
★ 美樹本晴彦賞 (Mikimoto Haruhiko Award)

Title: Finding The Way | MoDathan (Columbia)

★ Mikimoto Haruhiko: “This provides a wonderfully unique view of the world. It also feels like this might be a snapshot from a story. I love that the work has that kind of vibe. It has a level of charm that I can't compete with."

Manga Section

★ Gold Prize

Nao & Ivan Navinkin
Title: Under the cap | Author: Nao & Ivan Navinkin (Russia)
* Available at the official MediBang website, here!

Nao & Ivan Navinkin
★ Ueyama Tochi: "The drawings are beautiful and so easy to read. It is the perfect start to a story. It made me want to keep reading... This work is that good!"

Nao & Ivan Navinkin
Comment: Winning this prize was a big surprise! We were really shocked to find-out that we were finalists, so winning the "Gold Prize" has been quite overwhelming. We can't believe it! I'm so happy and honored to receive this prize. Our dream is to become professional manga artists. We want to produce all kinds in the future, including one-shot manga and a full series, too!

What's your impression on Fukuoka?: It's a great city! I've already been to Canal City Hakata to do some shopping. I am really excited to walk around and take a stroll through the city.
★ Silver Prize

Title: 영원의 라디아~永遠のラディア~ | Author: 앵무새 (South Korea)
* Available at the official MediBang website, here!

★ Rikudou Koushi: "The images depicted are so kawaii. The work tells a clear plot that has a smooth visual flow. That was something that made a big impression on me. The story is well written and a sense of drama quickly develops in just a short piece of work."
★ Blonze Prize

Title: 死者的捉迷藏~死者のかくれんぼ~ | Author: Gene (Taiwan)
* Available at the official MediBang website, here!

★ Kuroiwa Toshiya (professor in the media arts department at Kyushu Sangyo University): "This is an absolute masterpiece. A lot of thought went into the character development and the relationships that are depicted. My interest increased as the story progressed!"

Comment: I am so happy and honored to receive this award. I spend quite a lot of time drawing manga at home, so I don't often go out. To get the opportunity to come to Japan and meeting so many professional manga artists has been so emotional. It has been a really moving experience! I'd like to continue creating manga and hope that lots of people will have a chance to see my work.

What's your impression on Fukuoka?: People in Fukuoka are so kind! The ramen restaurant I wanted to visit at had a long queue. So I haven't had a chance to try the local ramen yet. But the "umegae-mochi" that I ate in Dazaifu was really delicious!
★ Special Award

Title: 夏まつり | Author: 理緒カノサ (Japan)
* Available at the official MediBang website, here!

★ Seguchi Takahiro: “The technique needs to be a bit more refined, but the the feeling and thought that has gone into the work will give the viewer a lot enjoyment. We really felt that the artist's passion to create something fun."

Comment: I didn't expect to receive the "Special Award!" I am so happy. I will be so excited if people get a chance to read my manga and enjoy what they find!

*Check-out the Manga CPO official website to find-out more about other award winning works and the pieces that made it to the final shortlist by clicking HERE!
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