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An anime / manga titled "Komekami! Girls" is currently in production!


The anime and manga are almost complete!? Lots of exciting things are in the pipelines!

Komekami! Girls

"越野七米神 こめかみっ!" (Koshino-nanamaishin Komekami!) is a character driven project that aims to revitalize local regions. Fukuoka was the launch pad for the initiative, which began in 2010. It has grown steadily since that time. A number of Fukuoka-based manga artists and creators have been involved. The project has involved the development of short animated videos and the publication of light novels! An anime / manga titled the "Komekami! Girls" is currently in production! The story revolves around seven rice spirits / sisters who are reborn 10 years on from the original. The group hold rice cooking battles all over Japan in attempt to find their mother (米女王 / the Queen of Rice). A promotional video was screened at the "MCPO AWARD 2019" award ceremony event to help generate interest in the project. Rough sketches from the production process were also displayed, providing visitors with more information about the plot!
Komekami! GirlsHere is manga artist Seguchi Takahiro (left), who has participated in this project since the very beginning, alongside producer Kaneuji Makoto (right)

Komekami! GirlsA "Komekami! Girls" promotional video (demo reel) was screened at the "MCPO AWARD 2019" award ceremony! Cute pop music created by "CLU+CH" is featured in the video. The members of the group participated in the project as voice artists!

Komekami! Girls
Komekami! Girls
A number of local Fukuoka spots will appear in the anime!

The stellar cast includes Ogino Karin, who is the leader of an idol group called "Yumemiru Adolescence," and the well-respected voice artist Nojima Hirofumi. Members of the idol unit "CLU+CH" have also joined the star-studded line-up! The much anticipated manga and anime will be out sometime in the not too distant future! Be sure to keep your eyes open!

こめかみっ!ガールズ (Komekami! Girls)

- Director / Screenplay: 青池良輔 (Aoike Ryosuke)
- Producer: 平田武志 (Hirata Takeshi), 金氏誠 (Kaneuji Makoto)
- Main Character Design: 瀬口たかひろ (Seguchi Takahiro)
- 米女王 (Kome Jyo-ou) Character Design: 美樹本晴彦 (Mikimoto Haruhiko)
- Cooking Supervisor: うえやまとち (Ueyama Tochi)
- Voice Artists: 野島裕史 (Nojima Hirofumi), 荻野可鈴 (Ogino Karin), CLU+CH [石原千尋 (Ishihara Chihiro), 宍戸智恵 (Shishido Chie), 町田美優 (Machida Miyu)], 山上友里江 (Yamagami Yurie), MoeMi, and more
- Official Website: http://www.komekami.net/index.html
- Twitter:@komekami_7
- Facebook:@komekami



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