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Share with us! "Send in your asianbeat Stories!" (guideline)

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It's nearly our 10th Anniversary!

Since 2005, asianbeat has been bringing you daily updates on all the latest trends in Japan. "asianbeat" is a platform for the youth of Asia where pop culture including pop music, anime, manga, games, fashion, cuisine, art and theater, and even event information are broadcast through a multilingual Web site to deepening mutual understanding.

Time has passed very quickly and seeing as we are nearing our 10th Anniversary, we’d like to do something special to celebrate both asianbeat and our readers with our new special feature: "Send in your asianbeat Stories!" We’d like to thank all of the readers that have stuck with us and hope that you will continue your journey with us!

For those of you who send in their anecdotes, we will hold a prize draw and lucky winners will be receiving presents from asianbeat, so be sure to hurry and get your stories in☆

It’s nearly our 10th Anniversary!
Share with us! "Send in your asianbeat Stories!"

Application Description
With our 10th Anniversary now in sight, we’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to our readers from all across the globe. To commemorate this special upcoming event, we would like for you to share with us some of your stories about asianbeat and Japanese pop culture that you have collected along the way!

- "Japanese pop culture/asianbeat inspired me to…"
- "This is what I like about asianbeat/Japanese pop culture!"
- "Glad I came across asianbeat"
- "Friendships I’ve made through asianbeat"
- "asianbeat made me want to visit Fukuoka!"
- "asianbeat has helped me become more familiar with Japanese culture"
- "I like asianbeat because…"  etc.

We're waiting to hear from you!!

Application Period
Tuesday September 9, 2014 - Sunday November 30, 2014

Winner Announcement
Early December 2014 (To Be Announced) Friday December 26th, 2014
asianbeat - selected stories are posted HERE

How to Apply
There are 2 ways to apply. #1 Apply by sending in the "Application Form" below, #2 Apply by email.

Important Notice
- Stories should be a word count of 400 or less
- If you'd like, you can submit up to 5 photos related to your story, 1MB or less per photo. (photos are not compulsory)
- Please note that the selected stories will be posted on asianbeat website. There is a possibility parts of your submission may be changed if there are any errors (such as spelling mistakes). Our editorial staff will go though and correct any errors before posting.

#1 How to Apply by Application Form

The application period is now over. Thank you!

Please click above button and fill out the form. After completing the form and supplying the required information, for those who would like to submit photos related to your story, please send us at: ab-office@asianbeat.com. To match your story & photos, please make sure to include the same "name and e-mail address" you've entered in the application form.

#2 How to Apply by email
Please remember to include questions 1-10 when you e-mail us at ab-office@asianbeat.com; if you'd like to submit photos, please attach them as well.

Email Subject: "Send in your asianbeat Stories!"
Applicant Information
1. Your Name(*)
2. Web Name (a nickname or user name for web post) (*)

3. Email address(*)

4. Age
5. Sex
6. Where you are currently residing (country/region)(*)
7. How long have you known the asianbeat website? (Please select from the following)

    ・Less than 1 year   ・About 2-3 years    ・About 3-4 years   ・More than 5 years   ・Since its establishment in 2005

8. Please submit your asianbeat story. (A word count of 400 or less) (*)

9. For present winners: Would you be willing to agree to NOT to sell the present when you get it?(*) Yes/No
10. Please select your desired prize. *
     ・"Evangelion" goods  ・"Koppu no Fuchico(Fuchico on the edge of the cup)" goods   ・"Attack on Titan" goods    ・"ONE PIECE" goods
    ・Assorted Japanese confectioneries    ・Anything

(*)indicate questions are required.
*There is always the possibility we might not be able to send you your preferred prize. Thank you for your understanding.

* Inqueries:ab-office@asianbeat.com

Send in your stories and win a great prize!!

Grand Prize(1 Lucky Winner)

instax mini 90 Neo classic ,
films, and a photo album!

Of the stories submitted, asianbeat staff will pick their favorite and whoever submitted that story will win the Grand Prize!

The winner of the Grand prize will receive this fashionable instant camera along with film and a photo album!

We hope you have fun taking pictures and making memories!

*This is just an image. Due to availability, the Cheki film type may be different from the image below. We will be sending you whatever is available in Japan at the time. Thank you for your understanding. Please also note that this will be the Japanese version of this product.
Thank you so much for your application!
The following winners' stories will be posted on this web page early next year, so please stay tuned!

The winners are...

[Grand Prize Winner(1 Lucky Winner)]
instax mini 90 Neo classic ,
films, and a photo album

peachlimeshake san

[Winners for the following categories: "Evangelion", "Koppu no Fuchico", "Atack on Titan", "ONE PIECE" or "assorted Japanese confectionerie")]
ちょこ san
ayuna san
Ha Hong Nhung san
豆芽 san
La Thu Thuy san


(asianbeat will contact the winners directly.)

Possible Prizes


*Winners for each prize catagory "Evangelion", "Koppu no Fuchico (Fuchico on the Edge of the Cup)", "Atack on Titan", "ONE PIECE" and "assorted Japanese confectionerie" will be selected through a draw, so please make sure to specify on your form which prize draw you would like to enter!

We're looking forward to hearing from you!!

*This is just an images. Size may differ in reality.



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