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[ICON] Maiko Fukushima - The Young Akihabara Producer that Revolutionized the Idol World(2/2)

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It's heavily influenced who I am today

The DEAR STAGE shutter. It has become a popular venue of Akihabara.

――What was the "turning point" for you?

Fukushima: When I was in high school I started listening to a band called Parliament and I really got into that P-funk genre of music. It's heavily influenced who I am today and I'd have to say that was my turning-point. The thing I like about P-funk is that it has this "everybody/everything is funky" vibe that puts everyone at ease. It's a very accepting genre of music. I also like how they're really sure of their roots - where their music had come from. The part of me that became attached to and treasures the Akihabara area was really influenced by them, as well. Yumiko-sensei is in charge of of Dempagumi.inc's coreography and presentation and she's got a similar type of groove to her. She fully understands each individual's uniqueness and that is reflected in her creations. I feel inspired by her at every turn.

――Having appeared on NHK program, I'd imagine you've had a variety of prospective opportunities that continue to expand but do you have any ideas as to what you want to do in the near future?

Fukushima: As a music producer, I want to try producing music outside of the idol group genre. I'd also like trying to produce new idol units or bands. I actually want to try my hand at pixiv's new idol unit groups as a creative director and challenge myself so some other new projects.

I would like to do is create something relevant to the current atmosphere, to make something that fits the person and to make the best product I possibly can.

――What is your motto?

Fukushima: Grooviness. I really like that being "groovy" means that you can forgive anything. (lol) The most important thing is the atmosphere between people and the sense of belonging to a certain place. The same holds true for idols and any project you might ever encounter. To groove is to adjust to your surroundings. It's to say, "I'm in this sort of place, so I'm going to make this space into this," or "I'm in charge of kids like this, so I'm going to try to find and produce something suitable for them." I love the idea of just going with the flow - to groove. Then again, for artists it's not like that, setting up things, creating an image, and that sort of thing is what the work of an artist is all about. However, what I eventually would like to do is create something relevant to the current atmosphere, to make something that fits the person and to make the best product I possibly can.
――What's your favorite quote?

Fukushima: Hmm, a quote. I've never really thought about it...maybe HTK! HaTenKo (HTK) - to be remarkable. (lol) I feel that this might be a bit contradictory to what I have said previously. (lol)

――Do you have a message for our asianbeat readers?

Fukushima: Asia has a lot to offer in terms or music and art. Anywhere you go, it's easy to see lot of what we create is shaped by where we are living, our culture and history - I feel this is especially true for much of Asia and is where we get our inspiration. I think it would be great if everyone in Asia could come together.

(Interview :2014.5.7)


HJVThtNx.jpegMaiko Fukushima, a.k.a. Mofuku-chan
Music Producer

Managing Live & Bar Akihabara's "DEAR STAGE" and DJ Bar "MOGRA." Producer of the idol unit Dempagumi.inc in affiliation with TOY'S FACTORY's "MEME TOKYO."

■Web Site
DEAR STAGE http://dearstage.com

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