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Cool Japan ・Fukuoka FACo in Bangkok!


Cool Japan ・Fukuoka FACo in Bangkok!

On July 19th, in commemoration of SCawaii!'s 10th anniversary, the "SCawaii! Festival" was held at Bangkok's Central World Plaza. During this festival, there was a special event "Cool Japan Fukuoka FACo in Bangkok" also held at the same venue. This included a Fukuoka-brand fashion show on the runway, live performances from idols, and an introduction of anime, games, movies and music on the "COOL JAPAN stage."

Some of the previous Kawaii Ambassadors, Fah-san, Kwang-san, and Mai-san also took to the stage and told us some of their FACo memories.

▲Performing live is anihime, currently a member of LinQ, having made her debut as a 2.5D idol!
In relation to this event was the "SCawaii! GIRLS Contest 2014" in which the judges at this event, along with votes cast by readers on the asianbeat website determined this years asianbeat Kawaii Ambassadors who will be participating in the big fashion event, "Fukuoka Asia Collection (FACo) 2015."

In addition to everything else, Thai artists gave us live preformances followed shortly by a cover dance contest and everyone had a lot of fun!
▲Popular Thai artists; the cheers from the audience were amazing!

While it is impossible to fully capture the great atmosphere of the event, we will be uploading a series of photos on our event report page so make sure to check it out! (Editorial Dep't.: 93a)



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