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The big event that fans have been waiting for, the Fukuoka leg of “Monster Hunter Festa’ 15” is nearly here!

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From the gaming world to the real world!? “Monster Hunter Festa’ 15” is finally coming to Fukuoka next month!


Have you heard about the popular hunting action game “Monster Hunter”? This year’s hunting festival (狩祭), “Monster Hunter Festa’15,” which Monster Hunter players “hunters” from across the nation have been hotly anticipating, began in January 2015, starting from Tokyo. In February it was held in Nagoya, Sapporo and Osaka, and finally on March 8th the event will be coming to Fukuoka.

The skilled hunter’s heated battle and the varied exhibition are must-sees!

In the“Rajang Trick Vision” you don’t stand a chance escaping his grip!
The official competitions, the “King of the Hunters Tournament (狩王決定戦), Fukuoka regional competition”and the “Parent-child/Womans Japan’s No.1 Hunter Tournament (親子/女子ハンター日本一決定戦), Fukuoka regional competition),” in which the skilled hunters face each other in head-to-head battle will be held at the “Monster Hunter Festa’15” in Fukuoka.

Also, the “Kushala Daora life-size models” will be on display, with their sheer presence enough to overwhelming the surroundings.
▲Life-size model of “Kushala Daora” descending to earth!
In addition, the popular food and drink booths “Mon-Hun Kitchen” have been prepared and light meals from the Monster Hunter world will be available! There are many things being arranged for the event.

The “Rajang Trick Vision,” where you can get a photograph of yourself in the grasp of the enraged Rajang cannot be missed. Being held in the tenacious grip of Rajang is definitely a photograph that packs a punch!

Appearing on the main stage at the Fukuoka event is the highly sought-after young rockers!

From left: [KANA-BOON] Takahiro Koizumi (Drums), Maguro Taniguchi (Vo.cals/Guitar), Yuma Iida, (Bass) and Hayato Koga(Guitar)

Guests on the main stage at the Fukuoka venue will be KANA-BOON, the young four-piece rock band from the Sakai, Osaka area who are hugely popular with today’s kids. The whole band will be making an appearance. With the KANA-BOON fans and all of the Monster Hunter devotees together at the event it is sure to be a great day!

“Monster Hunter Festa’15” - gotochi theme - related to Fukuoka has been released!

To celebrate the holding of “Monster Hunter Festa’15,” which is taking place in various locations across Japan, “gotochi (locally specific) theme” from each city hosting the event will be on pre-release for a limited amount of time.

To celebrate next month’s event in Fukuoka, the Fukuoka “gotochi theme: Jyozu ni Yaketa-chan (said with the Fukuoka dialect)” was released as the 5th edition of “gotochi theme” on Monday 23rd of February. How exciting!
(The "gotochi theme" is avaialble to users in Japan. Please click HERE (Japanese official website), for more information)
Felyne eats Fukuoka local foods like “ Motsu-nabe”, “Mentaiko” and many more!

Please come and experience the “Monster Hunter” world, which has charmed a wide range of generations, from beginners to veterans, and from children to adults!
(Editorial Dep't. Gon)

“Monster Hunter Festa’15” Fukuoka Tournament

re_HPから_collabo_140918_fes2015_01.jpg[Period] Sun. March 8th, 2015 10:00 - 17:00 (as scheduled)
[Venue] West Japan General Exhibition Center
(3-8-1 Asano, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture)
[Admission] Free
* King of the Hunters Tournament (狩王決定戦), Fukuoka regional competition
* Parent-child/Womans Japan’s No.1 Hunter Tournament (親子/女子ハンター日本一決定戦), Fukuoka regional competition
* Monster Hunter Museum
  - Life-size model of “Kushala Daora”
  - Rajang Trick Vision etc.
* Mon-Hun Stalls
* Mon-Hun Kitchen
* Mon-Hun Fortune-telling
* Merchandise and Goods Corner
And many more!!

For more information:
- Monster Hunter Festa'15 Official website(Japanese):http://www.capcom.co.jp/monsterhunter/festa15/

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