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It's Out! Fukuoka: the Manga!


You can really feel the love for Fukuoka.

“Comic Furusato Fukuoka” by Magazine House is out!\(^o^)/DSCF0682表紙正面.jpg

It’s the first in a series of region specific “Comic Furusato’s” (“furusato” = hometown) and was released simultaneously with a Hokkaido version of the series on May 24th, 2012. So why Hokkaido and Fukuoka? Do the people in Hokkaido like to have a laugh as much as we do in Fukuoka? Whatever the case, we’re just proud to be the first in the series to be published.

“Comic Furusato Fukuoka” is a collection of stories based on the theme “my hometown Fukuoka,” as depicted by twelve manga artists from Fukuoka, and each artist depicts the city in their own unique and individual way.

After reading through the collection of stories I really felt the love for Fukuoka.
Inside you’ll find an interweaving mixture of the past and present with depictions of various Fukuoka landmarks such as downtown “Nakasu” and the Tenjin ‘chikagai’ (underground mall), as well as Yanagawa (the Yana river), Mojiko, and the spoil tips. It’s an interesting read from a cultural (regional Japan) perspective and some elements you might find a little strange, but the people of Fukuoka in particular are sure to have a good laugh.


I was born in Fukuoka and have lived here for practically my whole life but it wasn’t until I read this book that I found out just how many of the words I use are regional dialect. The things you can learn through manga!
People from Fukuoka will surely get a kick out of this but I want people from other regions and other countries to have a read as well and hopefully experience a bit of the real “hometown” Fukuoka.

Here’s hoping there’s a sequel!

Editorial Dept – mou

INFO "Comic Furusato FUKUOKA"

・Released: 24th May (Thurs) Available for purchase online and at retailers nation-wide!DSCF0715目次.jpg
・Price: 880 Yen (tax incl.)
・Authors and Compilations:
 Tochi UEYAMA – “Tochi-kun’s Broken Heart Diary 1 – Yanagawa Yearning”
 Kazuhiro UCHIDA – “Hakata brother’s ‘gena gena’ four panel manga”
 Mayumi KURATA – “Picking up Squid”
 Yasuyuki KUNITOMO – “The end of little league baseball”
 Seizo WATASE – “Rose Hotel (Mojiko)”
 Misao KATAOKA – “Tou no Kyo ni te Fukuoka Omou”
 Masakazu YAMAGUCHI – “There used to be…”
 Keiko YAMADA – “lunch box by the canal”
 Kazushige MIYAZAKI – “Miya-chan no gimujinsei – seiun-hen”
 Leiji MATSUMOTO – “Yume no Hi no Kuni / Shi no Furusato”
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