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Special Fukuoka limited edition "BIGBANG Kan Kan" is on sale to celebrate "BIGBANG" performing at the FUKUOKA YAHUOKU! DOME!

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You'll only be able to find these rare, limited edition goods at directly-operated FUKUYA stores inside Fukuoka Prefecture!

If you're talking about typical Fukuoka gifts and souvenirs, there's no way you can forget to mention mentaiko! Since opening in 1948, the well-established mentaiko store "FUKUYA" has grown to the extent that it is no longer just known to locals in Fukuoka prefecture; they now also welcome many visitors from abroad who are on the hunt for tasty mentaiko.

This is a unique collaboration between FUKUYA and "BIGBANG," who are the first overseas artists to do consecutive stadium (dome) tours for 4 years straight! In order to commemorate "BIGBANG" performing at the FUKUOKA YAHUOKU! DOME, "めんツナかんかん・プレミアム (Men Tuna Kan Kan - Premium)" and "缶明太子 油漬け (Kan Mentaiko Aburaduke [lit.: Tinned mentaiko in oil])," which are some of FUKUYA's most popular products, will be on sale with a special "BIGBANGかんかん (BIGBANG Kan Kan)" label.

They will be available to buy from Friday 18th November to Sunday 31st December. And with a label featuring the name of the tour "BIGBANG 10 THE CONCERT: 0.TO.10 - THE FINAL -," they really do have a limited edition feeling to them. So if you are planning to come to Fukuoka to see them perform on Friday 9th, Saturday 10th, or Sunday 11th December, or even just looking for a unique limited edition Fukuoka souvenir, make sure to stop by a directly-operated FUKUYA store inside Fukuoka Prefecture! (*branches in Narita, Tokyo and Hamamatsu-cho, Tokyo are excluded)

Due to their immense popularity, it is well-known how hard it can be to get your hands on tickets for a BIGBANG concert. With a total of 17,000 tins on sale, you will only be able to purchase "BIGBANG かんかん (Kan Kan)" products for a limited period of time and given that they are currently the talk of the town, there's a chance they will sell-out before you've even realized! So be quick and don't miss-out! (Editorial dept.: Gon)

Special label "BIGBANGかんかん" : Celebrating BIGBANG's performance at the Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome

Sales period:
Friday 18th November - Sunday 31st December (*as long as stocks last)
Where to find them:
38 FUKUYA stores in Fukuoka Prefecture (offer is applicable to stores directly-operated by FUKUYA. Branches in Narita, Tokyo and Hamamatsu-cho, Tokyo are excluded)
BIGBANGかんかん めんツナかんかん・プレミアム (BIGBANG Kan Kan Men Tuna Kan Kan - Premium) 1 tin: 500 yen (tax included)
BIGBANGかんかん めんツナかんかん・プレミアム (BIGBANG Kan Kan Men Tuna Kan Kan - Premium) 3 tin set: 1,500 yen (tax included)
BIGBANGかんかん 缶明太子 油漬け1缶+缶バッジ (BIGBANG Kan Kan Kan Mentaiko Aburaduke [1 tin & 1 badge]) 1 tin: 900 yen (tax included)
Product Description:
- BIGBANGかんかん めんツナかんかん・プレミアム (BIGBANG Kan Kan Men Tuna Kan Kan - Premium)
This is the premium type of "Men Tuna Kan Kan," which sold more than 2 million tins within just a year and 7 months of first hitting stores. This mentaiko-flavored tinned tuna is made with domestic albacore tuna. With each tin approximately 20% mentaiko roe, this "Men Tuna Kan Kan" series is really luxurious.
- BIGBANGかんかん 缶明太子 油漬け (BIGBANG Kan Kan Kan Mentaiko Aburaduke)
Storable at room temperature for up to two years, this mentaiko can be carried around easily. Heated with the rarely used cottonseed oil, this new type of mentaiko has all of the delicious flavor locked firmly inside a tin.
Volume of stock:
17,000 tins (めんツナかんかん・プレミアム (Men Tuna Kan Kan - Premiun): 12,500 / 缶明太子 油漬け (Kan Mentaiko Aburaduke): 4,500)

Saturday 19th November (date passed), Sunday 20th November (date passed), Friday 9th December, Saturday 10th December, Sunday 11th December

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