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From Fukuoka to the World: Kawaii Culture is here to stay!(1/3)

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From Fukuoka to the World: Kawaii Culture is here to stay!

While this may be common knowledge, the Japan Lolita Association was established at the Omura Beauty Fashion Vocational school that is in Fukuoka Prefecture (asianbeat HQ is also in this pref.).From the world of Lolita fashions, is the charismatic chairman of the association – Aoki Misako.Lolita fashion is currently gaining popularity through Asia, especially in China, Taiwan, and Thailand. Seeing the speed with which it is spreading, Aoki Misako concluded that Fukuoka was the most suitable area to settle and update the rest of Asia with new on everything Lolita.

This association has many plans for the future and will be focusing mainly on sponsoring Lolita-themed events in different cities all around the world.Its long-term goals are to blow further live into the domestic Japanese Lolita styles and to make it a more global trend. The Japanese Lolita Association is still looking for “kawaii ambassadors” from both Japan and all around the world to step forward and help represent their countries.Some of the currently represented areas include: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, Shizuoka prefecture, and Okayama prefecture.

By coincidence, the association’s Hong Kong and Taiwanese representatives are acquaintances of that of asianbeat and we hope to introduce you to them here in this section below!Please take a look at the following images.
Hong Kong’s Kawaii AmbassadorHong Kong’s Kawaii Ambassador
For a picture of Hong Kong’s Kawaii Ambassador Click HERE!
Taiwan’s Kawaii AmbassadorTaiwan’s
For a picture of Taiwan’s Kawaii Ambassador Click HERE!
Continuing down this streak, we plan on updating you on events and the like as frequently as possible!

Editorial Dep’t. -- Shingi
Japanese Lolita Association Outline

Founded: March 1st, 2013

President: Aoki, Misako

Head Secretariat: Yoshihara, Kazuo

Number of Members: 1,680 (As of April 20th 2013, 70% are from overseas)

Requesting the following number of “Kawaii Ambassadors”: 200 people (As of April 20th, 80% of our representatives are from overseas

Current “Kawaii Ambassadors”: Mexico, Brazil, Argentine, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shizuoka prefecture, Okayama prefecture, Fukuoka prefecture

Official HP:http://jlolita.org/

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