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Fukuoka is the setting for the story behind YOASOBI's latest song "Haruka"!?

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The story full of kindness that begins at a variety store in Tenjin, Fukuoka City!

YOASOBI (From the left: ikura and Ayase)
YOASOBI is a music duo/unit whose songwriting comes with the concept of "making novels into music". They made their debut in 2019 with the song "Yoru ni Kakeru" (lit: Running at night), and has accumulated more than 300 million views on streaming sites until now. The mid tempo song "Haruka" released in December 2020 is based on the novel "Tsukiouji " (lit: Moon Prince) by a TV/screen writer, Suzuki Osamu. Did you know that the story of the novel begins at a variety store in Tenjin, Fukuoka City? It is a story of encounter and farewell, written from the perspective of "someone" that has watched over the growth of a girl more than anyone else. With "boku" (EN: I) as the main character, the novel depicts the encounter of "I" with the junior high school third year student Haruka at a variety store, laughing together while having fun and "I" supporting her back when she is down. It is full of messages describing the greatest love.

On the other hand, the lyrics written by the composer Ayase ― "こみ上げてくる 想いはただ ありがとう" (lit.: The only thought that comes to mind is thank you) reflects the feelings of "I"; and vocal Ikura's clear voice brings out the deep emotion perfectly. Reading the novel and the lyrics may deepen your point of view and beliefs, as there are lots of warmth and kindness that you probably did not expect. Check out these 2 amazing pieces ― "Haruka" and "Tsukiouji"! (Editorial Dept.: Nika)


Novel "月王子" / Tsukiouji

- Author: 鈴木おさむ Suzuki Osamu
- Novel / illustration posting site: "monogatary.com" (novel info): https://monogatary.com/episode/109217
- Twitter: @suzukiosamuchan
- Instagram: @osamuchan_suzuki


- Official Website: https://www.yoasobi-music.jp/
- Twitter: @YOASOBI_staff
- YouTube: HERE!
- TikTok: @yoasobi_ayase_ikura

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