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Takasubaru-kogen (Highland), Mt.Hiko (英彦山, 鷹巣原高原)

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A stunning view of shining Japanese silver grass drifting in the autumn breeze!

Takasubaru-kogen Highland
As autumn calls, Takasubaru-kogen Highland, located about halfway up Mt. Hiko (Soeda-machi, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka Pref.) with an altitude about 1,200m, gives a stunning view as the susuki / Japanese silver grass shine under the sun. These Japanese silver grass grows on the slope of about 800m above sea level and about 6ha in size, which was once used as a skiing ground. As the wind blows, it makes ripples in the grass as if the waves rushing into the ocean, creating a fantastic scenic view. Moreover, it can only be seen now since it will be mowed in late November, so don't miss the chance to surround yourself with lovely Japanese silver grass and the autumn breeze!

(The highland is accessible from Fukuoka Prefectural Hikosan Seinen no Ie's premises. Please contact the office in advance before the visit.)
Takasubaru-kogen Highland
The highland is located at the back of the Hikosan Seinen no Ie campsite!

Takasubaru-kogen Highland
Takasubaru-kogen Highland
Takasubaru-kogen Highland
The silvery landscape under the autumn sunlight is beyond wonderful!

Takasubaru-kogen Highland
It's the season that you'd long for a kind of warm and feathery things and atmosphere♪


Takasubaru-kogen Highland, Mt. Hiko (英彦山, 鷹巣原高原)

- Location: At the back of the Hikosan Seinen no Ie campsite. (32-18 Hikosan, Soeda-machi, Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka-ken Japan)
- Fukuoka Prefectural Hikosan Seinen no Ie Official Website: http://www.fsg.pref.fukuoka.jp/hikosan/

* All information correct as of October 2020.

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