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Keichiku Area | Keichiku Kagura / 京築神楽

Fukuoka Virtual Travel
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Discover the charm of Keichiku Kagura that has been passed down from generation to generation!

* Fukuoka Prefecture Tourist Association | "Keichiku Kagura (Yukuhashi-shi, Buzen-shi, Kanda-machi, Miyako-machi, Yoshitomi-machi, Koge-machi, Chikujo-machi, and Fukuoka-ken)" (released in July 2021)
The Keichiku area located in the northeastern part of Fukuoka Prefecture consists of 2 cities and 5 towns: Yukuhashi-shi, Buzen-shi, Kanda-machi, Miyako-machi, Yoshitomi-machi, Koge-machi, Chikujo-machi. It is a region abundant in nature where the world-famous "Amaou" strawberries are produced and the tasty "Buzenkai Hitotsubukaki (Oysters of the Buzen Sea)" can be found. It is also where "Kagura", a dance which each village performed to worship God for abundant harvests and good health, is handed down from the ancient times.

There are 30 active Kagura groups who are working on preserving the tradition by handing down the dance and festival music of Kagura from generation to generation. So, let's appreciate the prayers and the gratitude expressed in this traditional performance. From the video, you will see the lively Kagura performance as well as some special products and sightseeing spots in the Keichiku area. It is a good opportunity to discover the charm of Keichiku area! Visit the informational site of the Keichiku area for more details! >> HERE (Keichiku Marugoto Navi)!


Fukuoka Prefecture Tourist Association / 福岡県観光連盟
- Official Website: https://visit-fukuoka-japan.com/
- YouTube: Click HERE!

Keichiku Marugoto Navi / 京築まるごとナビ
- Official Website (Kagura Info): https://keichiku.info/kagura/

Keichiku Kagura no Sato / 京築 神楽の里
- YouTube: Click HERE!

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