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Interview Now - 寺島惇太 (Junta Terashima), 内田雄馬 (Yuma Uchida) -(1/3)

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Interview Now ~ 寺島惇太 (Junta Terashima)、内田雄馬  (Yuma Uchida) ~
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The theatrical anime "KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm" was seen in movie theaters by around 480,000 people! The movie became a hot topic thanks to word-of-mouth and the attention generated by "Ouen Joei," which encourages audience to participate while watching cinema screenings. This new style of enjoying movies at the theaters is becoming increasingly popular, "Kinpri" is about to return to screens under a cloud of excitement, with their highly anticipated latest work "KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-" set to be released nationwide on June 10th!
An advanced screening was held in Fukuoka on May 30th, with Junta Terashima (who plays the role of Shin Ichijo) and Yuma Uchida (who plays the role of Yu Suzuno) in attendance as special guests. We got the chance to speak to them both about all sorts of topics, from what makes the film so appealing, to what they get up to outside of work. We've also got some prizes to give away, so make sure to keep on reading! Enjoy!

There are lots of moments that will get your chest beating with excitement!

asianbeat (hereafter referred to as ab): asianbeat (ab): "KING OF PRISM - PRIDE the HERO -" will be released nationwide on June 10th. Are the highlights or things we should keep an eye out for?
Junta Terashima (hereafter referred to as Terashima): The previous release "KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm" saw "Over The Rainbow"* take a break, while "Schwarz Rose"* were displaying unrest in reaction to what had been going on with "Edel Rose."* There was an atmosphere of conflict. The epilogue of the last film gave a small teaser and left people wondering what was going to happen next. This film will reveal those hidden aspects in more detail.

In terms of the new elements, there are new characters introduced to the story, so I think one of the charming aspects of this piece is to see how they interact with the existing characters, which will help expand and develop the "Kinpri"* world.

* "Kinpri": Abbreviation for "KING OF PRISM."
* "Over The Rainbow": The boys unit who appear in the works.
* "Edel Rose" and "Schwarz Rose": Elite school specializing in training Prism Stars and getting them ready for the Prism Show.
寺島惇太 Junta Terashima
Junta Terashima (Shin Ichijo)
Yuma Uchida 内田雄馬
Yuma Uchida (Yu Suzuno)
Yuma Uchida (hereafter referred to as Uchida): "Kinpri" started out as a "Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live" spin-off. Since being featured in these stories, "Over The Rainbow" unit have made continued making appearances. I think it is great that there are people coming to the film from various angles. I think one of the highlight for fans who have watched the entire series, as well as for people who have been following since "Kinpri", will be seeing Over The Rainbow get to where they want to go.

Of course, we "Edel Rose" members will be in this film, also with new characters such as George Takadanobaba (voiced by Tomokazu Sugita), Jin Noriduki (voiced by Shinichiro Miki) and Hijiri Himuro (voiced by Toshihiko Seki) making an appearance, and everyone giving their all in the "Prism King Cup," this piece promises to have even more power and energy than the previous release! There are lots of moments that will get your chest beating with excitement!
ab: Do you have any favorite memories from recording?

Terashima:In this film the antagonist are played by Koji Yusa, (Juuouin Holdings Executive Director Sanada) and Shinichiro Miki (Jin Noriduki). One day Yuma and I were at a recording session with them and as soon as they got into their roles, they acted so evil that the atmosphere suddenly changed, and it was like "Wow! That is incredible! "

Uchida: We had been in a happy mood until these two villains appeared (lol). It was just jaw-dropping!

Terashima: It was so amazing; you could not help but just laugh (lol)! There were all kinds of emotions going on, I felt like "Ahhh, that's so evil!" but also "Wow, that's just phenomenal!" It was just awesome to witness. We still had our scene left to record, but after seeing such talented, respected actors perform and remembering that we are all in the same production, we felt like we couldn't let anyone down, so made sure to try our best and put everything we had into it.

Interview Now ~ 寺島惇太 (Junta Terashima)、内田雄馬  (Yuma Uchida) ~
ab:Do you actually see the actors performing at the time? Or do you behave as if you're not there?

Uchida: When I am there I watch them perform.

Terashima: Yes and you can see the animation during the recording. But if you burst out laughing or make a noise while watching the recordings take place, you can end up spoiling a fantastic performance, so it is important not to raise your voice and remain as quiet as possible. When you are laughing, you have to face downwards and keep looking down to avoid making noise (lol)!

Uchida: When I find something funny, all I can do is keep my head down and face the floor (lol)! I ended up getting the giggles while watching such an accurate, faithful portrayal of evil by Yusa and Miki. But it is truly so amazing to see highly respected, top actors performing with such power.

Terashima: It draws you in. It is breath taking!

Interview Now ~ 寺島惇太 (Junta Terashima)、内田雄馬  (Yuma Uchida) ~
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