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Interview Now - 山田麻莉奈 (Yamada Marina), 小坂井祐莉絵 (Kozakai Yurie) -(1/2)

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Yamada Marina Kozakai Yurie
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A special ramen dish was created specially for this year's "Kitakyushu Pop Culture Festival"! The restaurant "Kyushu Chikuho Ramen Yamagoya" (which originated in Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture) and the anime "JASHIN-CHAN DROPKICK" (DROPKICK ON MY DEVIL!!) worked together to develop the dish! Some of the voice artists who star in the show, Yamada Marina (who plays Pino) and Kozakai Yurie (Pekora), stopped by the eatery's food stand on the second day of the festival. We had a chance to chat with them! Read on to find-out more!

Visitors played jan-ken-pon (rock, paper, scissors) to win extra char-siu​ for their ramen! It was such a fun day!

Yamada Marina Kozakai Yurie
From left: 山田麻莉奈 (Yamada Marina), 小坂井祐莉絵 (Kozakai Yurie)
Yamada and Kozakai made an appearance at the Yamagoya ramen booth on the second day of the KPF 2019! A delicious ramen dish was created specially for the day. The restaurant took their inspiration from the dishes served in "Soseiki," the ramen restaurant that appears in the "DROPKICK ON MY DEVIL!!" anime! Visitors who ordered ramen with a specially designed bowl received the dish from either Yamada or Kozakai. They handed out the food with big smiles on their faces and also played jan-ken-pon (rock, paper, scissors) with the customers. The diners that won got two extra slices of char-siu​ on top of their ramen! The two voice artists initially wanted to win, but without thinking started to apologize to the people that didn't win any extra food! They were so kind! Yamada and Kozakai almost seemed relieved when the customers won! The guests quickly fell in love with their sweet characters! Some fans even queued up more than once. The two stars were a little surprised! They couldn't help ask, "What!? A second bowl!?" They stayed for a while and said "thank you" to everyone! They seemed to really enjoy interacting with the fans at this special event!
Yamada Marina Kozakai Yurie
Jashin-chan Ramen
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