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[Cosplayers Laboratory] - Korea - #018 Tomia

cosplayers laboratory korea cosplay coser
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The 18th introduction is about Tomia! Having participated in many cosplay events, Tomia has accumulated many fans from all around the world. Here, you can enjoy Tomia's gorgeous high quality cosplay photos from cute to cool styles!

Cosplayers No.18 Tomia

- Cos Name: Tomia
- Cosplay History: About 19 years (with several breaks)
- Cosplay Expenses (monthly average): It depends, but when it's likely to cost a lot I'll start handmaking, so I actually don't spend too much.

- Facebook: @Tomia.OfficialPage
- Instagram: @tomiaa
- Twitter: @tomiaaaaa
- YouTube: tomia.co.kr

I love the Japanese idol culture and manga. I like doing cosplay as well, but nowadays I only enjoy it with my close friends during the free time. It is not easy to present high-quality cosplay looks and I can't say for sure that mine have met the expectations, but I would really appreciate if you could enjoy the "Tomia Photo Gallery".
コスラボ -韓国編- 第18回 Tomia

Tomia Photo Gallery

Tomia Photo Gallery



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