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Meet the 2019 Kawaii Ambassadors!

FACo 2019
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Introducing the Kawaii Ambassadors from China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan, selected via the "2019 asianbeat・FACo Kawaii Ambassador Contest" Please read on for the ambassadors' thoughts on being selected, and their enthusiasms for FACo♪

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■ Kawaii Ambassadors from China

王依君 (Wang Yijun)
I have lived in Fukuoka before, so I was happy to be able to eat Fukuoka's delicious food again! Honestly, I have not been able to forget Fukuoka's food until now! Fukuoka is truly a comfortable place to live, and also a good place to holiday in! I want to help even more people get to know Fukuoka through my activities at this time. I'm also really looking forward to FACo!

■Links: Weibo / Twitter
陽馨蘭 (Yang Xinlan)
I was very honoured to be chosen as a Kawaii Ambassador. To everyone who voted for me, thank you! I think that it is truly a precious opportunity, to be able to see the streets of Fukuoka that I have long admired and to appear on stage at FACo as a "Kawaii" Chinese Ambasaddor. Also, if I could, by posting my experience in Fukuoka online, facilitate interaction between Chinese and Japanese youths. I'm looking forward to being able to meet everyone in March!

■Links: Weibo

■Kawaii Ambassadors from Thailand

Pornsaichon Wanthong [ Namphon ]
Pornsaichon Wanthong
Even though I was happy just to be able to participate in the Kawaii Ambassador Contest, it was a great honor to have been chosen as a Thai Kawaii Ambassador! I want to be active as a Thai Kawaii Ambassador in Fukuoka in order to communicate the charms of Thailand to everyone in Japan, and the charms of Japan to everyone back in Thailand. To my family, friends, and voters, truly, thank you for supporting me to this day! I'll do my best!

■Links: Facebook / Instagram
Pornchanok Teerawan [ Oaey ]
Pornchanok Teerawan
I'm really happy to have been chosen as Thai Kawaii Ambassador! Thanks to the "Kawaii Ambassador Contest", I am able to fulfill my dream of walking on a runway in Japan. I am grateful to have been given this good opportunity. This is my first time walking on a runway, but I will do my best. I have never been to Fukuoka, so I'm a little nervous, but I want to make a lot of good memories and have new experiences. Please support!

■Links: Facebook / Instagram

■Kawaii Ambassadors from Vietnam

2019ベトナムKawaii大使コンテスト Vu Huong Giang
Vu Huong Giang
I was very surprised, and at the same time happy, to have been chosen as a Kawaii Ambassador! In order to properly carry out my duties as a Kawaii Ambassador, I want to learn about Fukuoka and share information as much as I can! Since I have been given a chance to appear at a huge fashion event being held in Fukuoka, "FACo", in order to be able to give my best performance, I should pull out all the stops and practice properly. I will be sharing our journey as Kawaii Ambassadors on social media, so please look forward to it!

■Links: Facebook
2019ベトナムKawaii大使コンテスト Ha Khanh Linh
Ha Khanh Linh
To be able to become a Kawaii Ambassador is like given a great gift, I am so happy! Images of the blue skies of Fukuoka and the applause of the audience come to mind, and I really feel that my mission as a Kawaii Ambassador has begun. A sense of responsibility in terms of my duties as a Kawaii Ambassador, and thus unease, is also present, but thinking of everyone at asianbeat and the one other Kawaii Ambassador, my uneasy feelings disappeared. The many congratulatory messages from my family and friends have filled me with happiness. I am grateful to asianbeat, which has given me a truly wonderful gift.

■Links: Facebook

■Kawaii Ambassadors from Taiwan

2019台湾Kawaii大使コンテスト 林雅得
When I heard that I had been chosen as a Kawaii Ambassador, I was really moved! I'm grateful to asianbeat and mina, whom have given me this chance to realize my dream of walking on a runway in Japan and reporting in magazines about Fukuoka. Also, I'm grateful to my family, friends, co-workers, and everyone who voted for me. You all so warmly supported my dream. I want to treasure this precious opportunity, and bring a lot of wonderful memories back to Taiwan.

■Links: Facebook / Instagram
2019台湾Kawaii大使コンテスト 許方瑄

■Comment: I'm really happy to have been chosen as a Kawaii Ambassador, and to be able to represent Taiwan and participate in FACo! Thank you to my family and friends, who have supported me! I'm really looking forward to being able to stand on stage at the fashion show, FACo, to interact with Kawaii Ambassadors from other areas, and to share Fukuoka's culture and delicacies with everyone in Taiwan!

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