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Megabass – Turning bass fishing into pop culture

Megabass – Turning bass fishing into pop culture

It has been 30 years since bass fishing hit Japan, and it has become a standard leisure activity.
However, for many people it seems that using lures is a difficult skill – for maniacs only. In this environment, lures produced by a Japanese fishing tackle maker and its charismatic founder/angler have transformed bass fishing into pop culture. And not only in Japan, but it has also made its way into America and Korea too.

1986 sees the birth of Megabass. World class lures – a first for Japan

Ito receives a rousing welcome at a Korean fishing show. He demonstrates his fishing skills in a pool.Yuki Ito, the thrust behind turning Megabass into a charisma fishing tackle brand, established the company in 1986. At first he made fishing rods called “ARMS”, but the unknown brand didn’t sell.
As Ito fell on hard times he came up with the idea of making lures. He designed the V-FLAT lure, which to this day is a classic lure. It won the Good Design Award and became the foundation stone for Magabass brand and world-class original Japanese lures.
Subsequently, Ito set up head office in his home town of Hamamatsu and branched out into Korea. When he visits Korea he is often interviewed by fishing magazines, and even women’s magazines.

Yuki Ito
Engineer and president of Megabass. An accomplished fisherman and a regular on fishing magazines. In March this year he was interviewed by Bonne Pioche productions for an international documentary.

For fishing or as a collectors item, Pop Megabass has it all

There are a few reasons behind the success of Megabass lures. First is their quality design. The real, yet fun design and attention to detail is amazing. Next is its appeal to collectors. The same lure may have various colour shades in a limited edition series. The other factor is the most difficult – making a lure that actually catches fish. The Magabass is considered a trusted lure for everyone from professional fishermen to beginners.
These three factors are behind the enormous popularity of the Megabass lure.

Takachi Kanamori. A fisherman who incorporates fashion and lifestyle to fishing.

In 1998 Takashi Kanamori was just you average amateur fisherman when he got support from Megabass. Since then, he has outstripped all other professional fisherman to be the most popular angler in the country.
His popularity lies in the fact that he does not just fish, but he incorporates fashion and lifestyle to enjoy fishing to the fullest. One facet of his effort has resulted in the creation of an apparel brand “Underwater”. His street-style fashion has gained support from many younger bass fishermen.
He makes a point of looking at fashion and style from the point of the average bass fisherman who is out to have fun – it’s something that no one else has ever done before. He is one character who has put the pop into the world of bass fishing.
In a way it is good that I don’t have the pride that comes with being a pro fisherman. It brings me closer to everyone (fans). Megabass products are work tools and play things as well. Because I have had confidence in their concept, we have been able to make much progress together over these 10 years.

Underwater web site:http://www.tk-underwater.com
Fishing World Hakata Station Store:TEL.092-451-6501

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The new X-POD has the world’s first multi performance transformation plug.

Megabass has made the world’s first transformation lure. A bold new concept where the lure can be adjusted to suit conditions. And of course you can expect a big catch – Megabass is fantastic!

Megabass web site:http://www.megabass.co.jp



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