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MISIA’s First Extended Asia Tour Scheduled.“I will sing a rainbow bridge over Asia” (MISIA)

MISIA’s First Extended Asia Tour Scheduled
“I will sing a rainbow bridge over Asia” (MISIA)

MISIA got her big break when her first single “Tsutsumikomu-you-ni” was a hit in the club scene in 1998. Other female artists who made their debut that year include Utada Hikaru, Hamasaki Ayumi, Shiina Ringo and Aiko. It has been a decade since they hit the scene and are still going strong. MISIA, who has a vocal range of five octaves, is setting her sights on Asia.

MISIA’s first overseas concert was held at Taiwan’s Hsinchuang Stadium on September 29, 2007.

She had two big hits in Taiwan – “Everything” and “Soba-ni-ite” – and the audience all joined in singing the ballads. She got the whole venue moving and it felt like the floor would fall in. To mark her decade in the industry she has slated five concerts in Taipei, Singapore, Shanghai, Seoul and Hong Kong, as well as live stage performances for her fan club members in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya, as well as a national arena tour featuring 24 concerts in 13 venues. The tour will go into 2009 and is expecting 250,000 fans to attend MISIA’s extended Asian tour.

The tour started on Saturday August 30 in the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall.

The scale of the concert was bigger than before, and being the first in the Asia tour she is really worked on making it something special. It was a powerful and colorful two and a half hours with MISIA speaking Chinese, hardly needing an MC. The whole 10,000 fans were dancing and singing and having a great time. You could say that it was the first step into a fantastic tour by MISIA, a Japanese star who is on her way to becoming an Asian star. .

The excitement is also building in Hong Kong.

Her song “DECIMO X ANIVERSARIO DE MISIA” has made it to No. 1 on the HMV HK Music DVD Chart (24-30 August) note1). In addition her song “Yakusoku no Tsubasa” has made No.1 on RTHK Radio’s Japanese music chart, knocking off Amuro Namie and HEY! SAY! JUMP

The song Catch the Rainbow, which was written with Asia in mind is available for digital download throughout Asia. It is an up-tempo catchy party tune which is sure to be big during the Asian tour.
And we here at asianbeat are right behind MISIA, and will bring you a live report from her Hong Kong Concert. We will be talking to fans and taking their pictures for our site. Keep your eye out for that.

note1: The album DECIMO X ANIVERSARIO DE MISIA which was released in Japan on June 25 is available on DVD in Hong Kong.
Asian Concerts
August 30 (Sat) Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taiwan
September 13 (Sat) Singapore Expo, Singapore
September 28 (Sun) Olympic Park, Seoul Korea
October 4 (Sat) Asia World Expo Arena, Hong Kong
October 25 (Sat) Zhabei Stadium, Shanghai

Japan Concerts
October 8 (Wed) Namba Hatch, Osaka (Members only)
October 9 (Thu) Namba Hatch, Osaka (Members only)
October 13 (Mon) ZEPP NAGOYA, Nagoya (Members only)
December 20 (Sat) KITAYELL, Sapporo

Japan Concerts
January 10 (Sat) Marine Messe, Fukuoka
January 16 (Fri) Nippon Budokan, Tokyo
January 17 (Sat) Nippon Budokan, Tokyo
January 31 (Sat) Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka
February 1 (Sun) Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka
February 7 (Sat) Yokohama Arena, Yokohama
February 8 (Sun) Yokohama Arena, Yokohama
February 14 (Sat) Nippon Gaishi Hall, Nagoya
February 15 (Sun) Nippon Gaishi Hall, Nagoya
February 21 (Sat) Hot House Arena, Sendai
February 28 (Sat) Sangyo Tenjikan No.4, Ishikawa
March 7 (Sat) Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka
March 8 (Sun) Osaka Castle Hall, Osaka

Release Information

NEW Digital Single
“Catch the Rainbow”
Digital downloading available in Japan and Asia
Download available in: Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand

MISIA’s Stuff about Asia

<From Taiwan>
The 2007 MISIA ASIA LIVE concert in Taiwan (titled “Ishin-Denshin”) was a great success. She sold over 120,000 copies of her album “MISIA GREATEST HITS” in Taiwan alone. This was bigger than a million-seller in Japan and was huge for an overseas artist in Taiwan. The song Soba-ni-ite, which was used in a Kose cosmetic company’s TV commercial marked 500,000 downloads.
<From Singapore>
Singapore is one Asian city where the world’s top artists come to perform. It is famous for the club Zouk, where many world-renowned DJs get their big break. It will be the first major concert held by a Japanese female solo artist.
<From Korea>
Korea is a place where you have to be a truly talented singer to make it, and MISIA has made it to the top there. Her song Everything has been covered in Korean and became a hit. She is also known for her song Yakusoku-no-Tsubasa, the theme of the movie “Cyborg She” directed by Kwak Jae-Yong and released May 2008.
<From Hong Kong>
MISIA visited Hong Kong to film her promotional video Key of Love shortly after she debuted, and her upcoming concert is making waves.
<From Shanghai>/strong>
China has been under the spotlight with the recent Beijing Olympics. It is unusual for an overseas artist to perform in both Hong Kong and Shanghai, but her popularity has led to the double billing.
<strong><MISIA Biography>

Debuted with Tsutsumikomu-you-ni in 1998, and have been active in house, hip-hop and ballad genres. Her live performances attract massive crowds, and she is the first Japanese female artist to fill the five baseball domes in 2004. To commemorate her 10th anniversary as a singer she has released DECIMO X ANIVERSARIO DE MISIA, and has been actively involved in community activities recently.



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