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#6 Otaku sharehouse(2/3)

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Q and A

■Name  Naito
■Occupation  Mobile Contents Planning
■Otaku History 5 years
■Girlfriend - Y/N? No
■Favorite genre  Anime, Gadgets, Apple products
■Character you'd take for a wife? Yuki Nagato
■Reason for becoming otaku?  
I've never thought of myself as an otaku but when I used to do a lot of overtime at work I started getting into late night anime and I've liked anime ever since.
■What are your thoughts on the latest otaku boom?
Is there a boom? Really?
■Site you frequent most
Daily Portal Z
Punta no News
■Word or phrase of the moment
■What are you hooked on at the moment?
Anime on the whole
Nowadays you have just about any genre of anime you can think of: everything from 'moe' style anime to serious anime, social parodies and comical ('gag') anime.
Of course I love "moe moe, buhi buhi" anime, but I also really just want there to be more anime that everyone can enjoy too.
■The next thing you want to buy?
"Puella Magi Madoka Magica" figma series
MacPro, iMac27
■How much have you invested so far?
About 500,000 Yen (on gadgets and anime)
■What does being an otaku mean to you?
Speaking like a samurai, saying things like "Sessha" (samurai way of saying "I/me") and "~~de gozaru"
■How do you budget your monthly earnings?
Rent, gas, elect - 20%
Food, transport - 20%
Clothes, etc. - 20%
Figurines - 10%
Other - 10%
Savings - 20%



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