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[Otaku's @ Home] #17 Otaku Rooms Down-Under!(2/3)

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Q/A with the owner

■Name Timothy Koh
■Occupation Software Engineer
■Otaku History About 8 years.
■Girlfriend – Y/N? None.
■Favorite genre
Moe Anime, Visual novel games, Anime songs, Model building (Garage Kits) and Drawing. Since I want to find out more about Otaku culture, my favorite genres keep changing.
■Favorite character
Kagami Hiiragi (Lucky Star)
Ui Hirasawa (K-on)
Azusa Nakano (K-on)
Rin Tohsaka (Fate/Stay Night)
■Reason for becoming otaku? 
I found Japanese anime and videos games quite appealing and were better than western cartoons and games, so I became obsessed about them. I want to find out more about Japanese otaku culture and experience the different genres out there.
■What are your thoughts on the latest otaku boom?
I think the Otaku boom is a positive thing. I feel that it has contributed to more interest from other foreigners to the subculture and I am happy that there has been an increase of moe anime which I like.
■Sites you frequent most
■Word or phrase of the moment
I’ll buy it!

■Favorite quote
Kyubei - "Make a contract with me and become a Magical girl!"
■What are you hooked on at the moment?
Angel Beats, K-on, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, ef (visual novel game), Magic Teacher Negima! (manga), Fate/Zero, Piano and Violin.
■The next thing you want to buy? 
I'd like to say an iPad 3, but I just bought one (^_^;
Currently I am saving for my next Japan trip.
■How much have you invested so far?  
About 200,000 yen. If I include all the instruments I bought (pianos and violins) then it would be about 300,000 yen.
■What does being an otaku mean to you?
Many people often think of people who have a large collection of anime goods to be otaku, but to me, a real otaku isn't just about being a consumer. I believe that a real otaku is one that creates something themselves and contributes it back to the otaku community.
■How do you budget your monthly earnings?
Lately, since I've been saving up for my next Japan trip, I haven't been spending much.
Currently my spending patterns are:
Rent/Food/Power 17%
Transport 1%
Clothes 0%
Goods purchase 35%
Savings 47%
■Last word
Please check out my blog and youtube channel at: http://timkoh.info/jp and http://youtube.com/timkoh.
Thank you.



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