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Ramen Danbo - Hakata Nakasu Branch (暖暮 博多中洲店)

    Hakata Station and Nakasu Area
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    Ramen Danbo - Hakata Nakasu Branch

    Ramen Danbo - Hakata Nakasu Branch 暖暮 博多中洲店
    Ramen Danbo - Hakata Nakasu Branch 暖暮 博多中洲店 ラーメン
    Ramen Danbo - Hakata Nakasu Branch 暖暮 博多中洲店
    Cooked over high heat with pork bone and alkaline water, the broth smells as delicious as it tastes.

    The simple but delicious umami from the pork in infused in every strand of the noodles, giving it a distinct flavor. With as much spice as you want at your disposal, this is a broth you just don't get tired of and can switch up whenever you want. This is a great place that let's you decide not only how much spice you want in your broth but also the thickness of it!
    Ramen Danbo - Hakata Nakasu Branch 暖暮 博多中洲店 Bセット
    Char siu Ramen…¥700
    Hanjuku Nitamago Ramen…¥700
    Negi Goma Ramen…¥650
    Rekka Ramen…¥650

    Kaedama (extra noodle)…¥150
    Mentaiko Gohan…¥250
    Char siu Takana-don…¥250
    Hitokuchi Gyoza…¥300 (8 pieces)

    Left picture: Hanjuku Nitamago Ramen with "Side Menu B" ¥400 (small fried rice & Hitokuchi Gyoza 6 pieces)

    Ramen Danbo - Hakata Nakasu Branch (暖暮 博多中洲店)

    Address: 4-7-20 Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
    TEL: 092-282-3488
    Capacity: 14 Seats
    * All the information is as of January 2014.

    より大きな地図で ラーメン暖暮 博多中洲店 を表示

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