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How to make an eco-friendly bag using newspaper!(1/4)

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Paper Bag - Let's make an eco-friendly bag using newspaper!

Paper is necessary

There are many different kinds of paper around us, such as newspapers, magazines, notebooks, books, tissue papers, and more.

Paper, made from tree or grass, was created to pass on written information.

They say that the oldest paper ever made was used in China 2,200 years ago. Until then, writings were written directly on rocks or trees.

Our lives would become very difficult if the paper that we take for granted were to disappear. Let's think about the importance of paper before we throw them away.

This time, we tried making an eco-friendly bag out of newspaper with help from the instructions on the handbook and our staff.

How to make a newspaper bag (paper bag)

What you need

4-5 sheets of newspaper
4 clothespins
Ruler (not necessary)
1. Line up three sheets of newspaper together

2. Put the sheet you want as the front cover 1cm~2cm out of alignment

3. Flip the whole thing over as it is

4. Fold the parts that are out of alignment (shaded area) and glue them onto the newspaper

5. The glued parts

6. Flip it over again, and put glue on the shaded area
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