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teamLab Hakata Cosplay Night @ Canal City Hakata Photo Report(1/9)

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teamLab Hakata Cosplay Night
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LANGUAGES AVAILABLE: teamLab Hakata Cosplay Night@Canal City Hakata Photo Report teamLab Hakata Cosplay Night @ Canal City Hakata Photo Report teamLab Hakata Cosplay Night @ Canal City Hakata Photo Report

An inclusive facility where you can easily lose track of time!

teamLab Hakata Cosplay Night
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Located in Canal City Hakata, "teamLab Island – Learn & Play! Future Park" hosted a special one-off cosplay event on Saturday 20th January 2018! The facility, which features nine interactive fun, educational attractions, has become a location that is particularly popular with parents and children, but the make-up of visitors slightly changed during the "teamLab Hakata Cosplay Night!" From 18:00 to 20:00, the venue welcomed an impressive array of cosplayers and photographers! The venue is dimly lit, beautiful illuminations and harmonious sounds engulf the whole facility in a magical sense of wonder. This provided the perfect setting for the participants to lose themselves in their photo shoots!

A series of gatherings that utilize the unique, mesmerizing space inside the facility are scheduled to take place, such as the adult-only event that took place last Sunday. Make sure to stop by this intriguing world of wonder, which has been created using the latest technological developments! Take a look through our photo gallery from last week's cosplay event, which includes some great snaps of the venue and some of the participants in action!


teamLab Hakata Cosplay Night

Date: Saturday 20th January 2018 18:00 - 20:00
Venue: "teamLab IsLand Canal City Hakata"
(5th Floor Canal City Hakata, 1-2-22 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi)
Admission Fee Info: Free (cosplayers) / ¥1,200 (guests and photographers)
* Photographers will receive a pass at reception.
* Photographers who are also cosplaying will be able to enter for free.
* People taking photographs/recording on mobile phones will also need to collect a pass from reception.
Details about the venue:
"teamLab IsLand Canal City Hakata": https://island.team-lab.com/event/canalcity
Where to get changed:
TAITO Station Canal City Hakata: https://www.taito.co.jp/gc/store/00001940

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