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"TENJIN AMURO MONTH" Photo Report(1/13)

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The whole of Tenjin turns the color "Namie Amuro!"

Namie Amuro is one of the most charismatic, influential figures in the history of Japanese music and fashion. The much-loved star will be retiring on Sunday 16th September 2018. All kinds of events are taking place throughout Japan in order to honor the trail that she has blazed during her amazing career. Fukuoka City is also joining in with the celebrations! "Tenjin United," a huge virtual mall made up of 16 large commercial facilities in Tenjin, have organized a major campaign to show their support for Amuro in the build up to her retirement! Various attractions and campaigns have been put together for the "TENJIN AMURO MONTH," which lasts from 11th August to 16th September 2018. The whole of Tenjin will be turning the color Amuro for this limited period!

Various images of Amuro have been featured in a series of special billboards around Tenjin, Fukuoka Japan! These eye-catching attractions have been generating a great deal of interest amongst the public. The "Tenjin Amuro Jack" took place in February this year and is still fresh in many people's minds. The local area has been draped in Amuro-themed images and visuals once again! Keep reading to find-out more. We've got some great photographs of the participating facilities!

Dates: Saturday 11th August to Sunday 16th September 2018
Venue: Tenjin area, Fukuoka City
- "namie amuro Final Space" is an experience-based exhibition taking place in Fukuoka. This event provides a retrospective of Namie Amuro's career.
- "Final Space × AMR ~We Love namie~" will take place inside IMS Hall on Tuesday 11th September.
- An "AMURO MONTH" special goodie bag will be available from Sunday 12th August to Friday 31st August.
(*In order to pick-up a bag, you need to spend more than ¥2,000 at participating stores. Also be sure to display the "Tenjin United Card" App.)
*Check the "Tenjin United" official website for more information (*available in Japanese) >> http://tenjinunited.com/
Tenjin United Instagram: @fukuoka_tenjin_united

namie amuro Final Space

Dates: Sunday 12th August to Sunday 16th September 2018
- Fukuoka Venue: Mitsukoshi Gallery, Fukuoka Mitsukoshi (2-1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi)
- Official Website: http://namieamurofinalspace.com/

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