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The Second Annual asianbeat 4Koma Manga Contest Winners

4koma manga contest

From October 1st to November 5th 2013, we accepted submissions for the 'The Second Annual asianbeat 4Koma Manga Contest' and received a total of 410 entries. Of these, we selected 57 different pieces to be cast into an online popular vote (November 15th - December 18th, 2013) and critiqued by a panel of the experts. Below we announce the winner of our Grand Prize, For outside Japan Prize, Kitakyushu Manga Museum Award, Award of Excellence and The Fighting Spirit Award.

☆Grand Prize☆

Title: 猫の倍返

Artist: Rimui

Judges’ Comments:

・ It is interesting to the difference between the human's perspective and cat's one. Drawing and composition are good.

・ It is the work which prettiness of cat is expressed. The composition, layout and colors are so good.

☆For outside Japan Prize☆

Title: 时过境迁(Change of time)

Artist: yzj64

Judges’ Comments:

・It is good to be easily understandable without lines. Drawing is good too.

・Sometimes, a quiet air at the library is uncomfortable. It is the work which transmitted the feeling without lines.

☆Kitakyushu Manga Museum Award☆

Title: 宅友囍事(9)-參觀與三餐(参観と三食)

Artist: Ting-Ya

Judges’ Comments:

・Same scene unfolds quietly and lol punch line of the last.This is excellent work got a point.

・It expresses an interesting poor diet on a journey. The Difference in the reaction of a couple is interesting too.

☆Award of Excellence☆

Title: フルーツ牛乳

Artist: Mixflavor

Judges’ Comments:

・Drawing, story, nimble tempo are favorably impressed. Punch line is good too.

・It is very easy to see the pattern in color and its punch line is so funny.

☆The Fighting Spirit Award☆

Title: Think

Artist: hypnos

Judges’ Comments:

・Drawing is good. But I wanted another twist to the deployment of the flame.

・In the story "everyday" happens to familiar, it is the work that win the sympathy of many people.



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