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An artist who has provided countless tunes for "otome-kei" media, MIKOTO!

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As an artist and a composer, talk of "MIKOTO" is sure to continue to spread at events both home and abroad!

"MIKOTO" continues to deliver hit after hit, having provided the tunes for "otome-kei" media, as well as the musical compositions for male voice actors! He has contributed and provided the musical composition for the TV anime "DIABOLIK LOVERS," the idol unit "MARGINAL#4," as well as KENN and Kenjiro Tsuda PROJECT "925." He has also garnered a great deal of attention and fanfare as a composer.
Having charmed countless fans with his highly addictive tunes, MIKOTO responded to the growing voices calling for him to make his debut as an artist in 2014 with the release of "Accepted Blood," the theme song for the situation CD "Tsukiyasha." On 23rd March he released his long awaited second single "Gekka no Uta ha Kage yori mo Kuroku." He recorded the opening and ending theme tune for a popular "Otome" game called "Hyakka Hyakurou - Sengoku Ninpochou" for the PS Vita. Has gone on to acquire a large following with his musical compositions that incorporate a multitude of perspectives from inside the stories that he works on.

Recently it's not just the big events in Japan, like "Rejet Fes." and "Live5pb," he's also been performing at events such as "AnimeparTy" and "TUDOU FESTIVAL" that were held in Shanghai. We did a small Q&A session with MIKOTO. Make sure to check-out some photos from Shanghai!

Looking forward, I would like to visit many different countries and meet lots of new people!

asianbeat (ab): In terms of all the works that you have been involved with up until now, are there any pieces or songs that you feel a particularly strong emotional attachment towards?

All the works I have been involved with are important (to me), but I guess the first production I worked on as a composer, which was "Ai no ZERO Kyori Shageki-loveshooooot!!!!!-" from "Scared Rider Xechs," and the first time I worked as an artist, which was on "Accepted Blood" from "Meiji Kyuketsu Kitan Tsukiyasha" do hold a special place in my heart. In "Scared Rider Xechs" I actually had to play myself!

ab: Do you have events abroad lined up in the near future?

Last year when I went to Shanghai, I was so happy to see so many people me there to support me and cheer me on! I sang in Japanese for my live performance and there were some people singing along, I was really moved.
Looking forward, I would like to visit many different countries and meet lots of new people.

Rehearsal at the AnimeparTy 3rd -3Q-

Staff at the AnimeparTy 3rd -3Q-

Walking through the streets of Shanghai

ab:We've seen you in cosplay outfits on your official website and on your blog. Is cosplay something that you are interested in?

I've not done cosplay in my private life yet (lol)!
But when you do actually cosplay, I think people really do enter the world of the story, don't they!?
I hadn't really thought about it, but when they finally put on their outfit, I think that's a feeling cosplayers would know only to well!
I think if I went into our next recording session in a copslay outfit, the rest of the staff would be really surprised (lol)!

ab:Do you have a message or any final thoughts that you want to share with the asianbeat readers?

As an artist and as a composer I will continue to try to create music that can really touch people's hearts and pierce their souls.
Thank you for all of your support



Since 2010, has worked as a creator and provided the tunes for "otome-kei" media, as well as the musical compositions for male voice actors. Debut as an artist with the release of "Accepted Blood," the theme song for the situation CD "Tsukiyasha." Also released "Sobyou no Aozora," which was recorded as the ending theme tune for "Hyakka Yakou" for the PS Vita. Has since released his second single "Gekka no Uta ha Kage yori mo Kuroku." Has also recorded the opening and ending theme tune for a PS Vita game called "Hyakka Hyakurou ~Sengoku Ninpouchou~" for the PS Vita.

2nd Single "月下の唄は影よりも黒く" (Gekka no Uta ha Kage yori mo Kuroku.)
¥1,400(tax out)/ FVCG-1368
Second single: "Gekka no Uta ha Kage yori Kuroku."
Price: 1,400 Yen(tax not included)/ FVCG-1368

公式Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ryosuke000

Official website/homepage: http://5pb.jp/records/mikoto/
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MIKOTO-Ryosuke-426929194116397/
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ryosuke000


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