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Get swept up in the world of mushrooms! The "Fukuoka Kinoko Taisai (Fukuoka Mushroom Festival) 2016" is nearly upon us!

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This "Mushroom Festival" is packed full with all things mushroom! And it gets under way very soon!

Fukuoka Kinoko Festival 2016
Held for the first time two years ago and popular right from the get go, the "Fukuoka Kinoko Taisai (Fukuoka Mushroom Festival) 2016" is back for the third time and will be held on Saturday 19th November at the Gokoku Jinja (Shrine) in Fukuoka city. With "Kinoko (mushroom)" the keyword, this unique event fuses together food, art and learning. Held annually, it brings together a huge number of mushroom enthusiasts from both inside and outside of the prefecture, and is fast becoming a firmly established favorite on the Fukuoka autumn calendar.

In September, the "Kinoko Kansatsu-kai (Mushroom Viewing Party)" gathered together as the result of high levels of demand. Taking place in Maizuru Park, Fukuoka City and with expert guides on hand, fans got the chance to appreciate the mushrooms that appear in early autumn. Some of the photographs taken at the kansatsu-kai (viewing party) can be seen in the "Watashi no Kinoko Jiman ha kore da! Contest! (lit.: This is my best mushroom shot!)" and you can even vote for the snaps that capture your eye! Located relatively central, Maizuru Park is pretty much right in the center of Fukuoka City. And with that being said you can't help but wonder what kind of mushrooms exist around us, here in the city center! Well, you can find-out by taking a look at the photos in the contest. And don't forget to vote for your favorite!
Here is "Namejirou," the mascot for the mushroom world!

Fukuoka Mushroom Festival 2016
This was the mushroom "fishing" event at last year's festival.
This year the number of stalls has increased to 60, and this will include booths that serve food and drink. There will also be the annual mushroom "fishing" event, as well as new mini-games, which will no doubt bring huge levels of energy to the proceedings. With the level of content on offer at the event proving to be consistently outstanding, the "Fukuoka Mushroom Festival" is continuing to attract new mushroom fans. From "kinoko-sake (mushroom sake)" to "kinoko-gashi (mushroom snacks/sweets)," there will be all kinds on offer, leaving no doubt that those in attendance will be captivated by all of the charming food and drink stands. This is a unique chance to experience firsthand a world filled with mushroom enthusiasts! Be sure not to let it pass you by! (Editorial Dept.: Gon)
Tamagotake Amanita caesarea
With it's vivid color and round top, the "Tamagotake" looks super cute!

Dance and sing along! This is the "Kinoko Ondo (Mushroom Song)"

"Fukuoka Kinoko Taisai (Fukuoka Mushroom Festival) 2016!" See! Eat! Love!

-Date/time: Saturday 19th November 2016 (10:00-17:00)
-Venue: Gokoku Jinja (Shrine), Assembly Hall (1-1-1 Ropponmatsu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi,Fukuoka-ken)
-Scheduled Events (Content):
Exhibition and sale of goods & accessories that feature mushroom-related designs
Sale of processed goods and produce from mushroom farmers
Sale and samples of side dishes and food that are made with mushrooms
Viewing of real mushrooms (second event) (held in September and November) *See attachment
"Watashi no Kinoko Jiman ha kore da! Contest! (lit.: This is my best mushroom shot!)" Mushroom photo contest
Mushroom "fishing" for both children and adults
Mushroom themed hit the target game
Mushroom fortune telling
Kinoko-shu (mushroom sake) made using rare domestic mushrooms
Mushroom bonsai exhibition
Mushroom-themed stories and tales
Woolen felt made using mushrooms (workshop)
Mushroom-themed musical composition by the Kotoriko Orchestra
Kino-kouza (lecture on mushrooms for newcomers to this world)
Hikaru kinako "Yakoutake (Mycena Chlorophos)" exhibition
"Namejirou" photo session, etc.

Website: "Fukuoka Kinoko Taisai (Fukuoka Mushroom Festival) 2016!" See! Eat! Love! http://kinokotaisai.net/
Facebook: "Fukuoka Kinoko Taisai (Fukuoka Mushroom Festival) Facebook

Organized by: Fukuoka Kinoko Taisai Jikko Iinkai (Fukuoka Mushroom Festival Executive Committee)

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