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Recreating scenes from the movie, the "Kimi no Na wa. (your name.) Cafe" is now open in Fukuoka PARCO for a limited time!

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Step into a movie scene at the "Kimi no Na wa. Cafe!"

The "Kimi no Na wa (your name.) SPECIAL SHOP" located in Fukuoka PARCO, which stocked goods and merchandise from the worldwide smash hit "your name." has closed and the "Kimi no Na wa. Cafe," which recreates scenes from the movie is now open for a limited time!
Here are the pancakes that Mitsuha took a photo while in Taki's body. 1,480 yen (tax not included).

君の名は。カフェThe croquette sandwich made from the egg sandwich and croquette given by Tsukasa and Takagi (a picture card of the scene is included). 1,080 yen (tax not included).
A bowl of ramen, like the one served in Ramen-ya Yoshino (a picture card of the scene is included). 1,180 yen (tax not included).
Katawaredoki Soda (Taki, left and Mitsuha, right). 780 yen each (tax not included).
There are all kinds of dishes to choose from on this exciting menu, including a desert that depicts the comet the 2 protagonists, Taki and Mitsuha, encounter in the movie. You can also order a breakfast that is inspired by what the Tachibana and Miyamizu households have as their morning meals, as well as a bento that is just like the one Mitsuha makes in the film, which comes with an original cloth. They are also selling limited edition "Kimi no Na wa. Cafe" goods. Make sure to go along to see it all for yourself! (Editorial Dept.: Sassy)

君の名は。カフェ "Kimi no Na wa. (your name.) Cafe"

- Venue: THE GUEST cafe & diner (5th Floor, Fukuoka PARCO, Main Building)
- Dates: Tuesday 4th April to Sunday 21st May 2017
- Opening hours: 10:00-20:30 (Last order: 20:00) * Will close on the final day 18:00 (Last order: 17:30)
- Website: http://www.the-guest.com/
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/theguestfukuoka
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theguestcafefukuoka
- Instagram: https://instagram.com/theguestcafe/

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